Buy & Sell Grain With Ease

The Marketplace

FarmLead is an online grain Marketplace that enables you to buy or sell grain. The platform allows farmers and credit-approved buyers to negotiate and transact directly with one another.


FarmLead does not buy or sell grain and is not a broker. Take complete control of your grain marketing, via the Marketplace.

Selling & Buying on FarmLead

Instantly expanding your reach to thousands of grain farmers and credit-approved buyers. FarmLead gives you the flexibility to post what you’re looking for and to negotiate terms that suit your needs, 24/7. There are two ways to start the process:

Post Grain For Sale

As a Seller, post the grain that you’re looking to sell to the Marketplace.

Post a Grain Bid

As a Buyer, show farmers what you’re looking to buy by posting your bids to the Marketplace.

Getting Started

Posting your grain offers and bids on FarmLead does not lock you into a sale. It simply indicates that you’re interested in negotiating. When you post to the Marketplace, buyers and sellers are able to negotiate with you and make bids and offers to you that you are free to accept or counter. 

Keep An Eye On The Market

It’s easy to find opportunities that match your specific needs on the FarmLead Marketplace.

Search the Marketplace

The Marketplace shows you all postings made by sellers and buyers around you. Search it to find postings that are relevant to you.

Set a Watchlist

My Watchlists is FarmLead’s free notification service. Watchlists alert you about the postings that you are most interested in.


Both parties pay a small connection fee to FarmLead ONLY when a deal is agreed upon. Both parties are charged the FarmLead Connection Fee. The fee is based on where the grain originated.


For all traded commodities, the Connection Fee is $0.01 per Bushel traded.


Discover the many ways FarmLead can help you improve your grain marketing plans.

FarmLead App

Grain marketing on the go. Download the FarmLead App on iOS or Android to access your postings and open negotiations from your mobile device.

Getting Started

Learn more about what goes into a posting on FarmLead and how you can surface your commodities to more buyers.

Trustworthy Buyers

FarmLead has a strict vetting process that ensures you only deal with trustworthy buyers. Learn more about this and the security of the Marketplace.