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Combyne can help you find new trading partners, source better prices on grain, and get you making deals more quickly. 

What we strive to do for agriculture

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Building Trust

We help you build relationships with people you trust. Our products provide a platform for you to build an identity for yourself and your business and form relationships with people you can trust.

Data Safety & Transparency

We are certified by Ag Data Transparent, which means we keep your data safe every step of the way and you are in charge of what you share with others. Learn more about our data privacy guidelines in our Data Use Policy.

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Increasing Efficiency

Our goal is to use digital technology to help improve the lives of those in agriculture by making daily tasks more efficient and providing relevant information to help you with big decisions.

Take a look at our products

Combyne Marketplace

Start making cash grain deals with ease. Buy and sell grain, build your network, expand your trading opportunities, and save time looking for deals with a transparent Marketplace and no fees.

Breakfast Brief

Keep up-to-date with emails on grain markets, including global trade flows and the impact on short and long-term price direction, from the perspective of FarmLead CEO, Brennan Turner.

Grain Unit Converter

Add this simple calculator to your tool kit to quickly figure out your grain’s price or volume in pounds (lbs), bushels (bu), hundredweight (CWT), short tons (T), and metric tonnes (MT).