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North America's Grain Marketplace

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Grain Grade
Feed Barley Feed
Canola #1
Fall Rye Other (Please See Comments)
Oats #2 or Better
Prairie Spring Red Wheat #2 or Better
Green Peas #2
Green Peas #2
Durum Wheat #1
Brown Flax #1
Green Peas #2
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Grain Grade
Yellow Peas #2 or Better
Canola #1
Kabuli Chickpeas #2 or Better
Small Red Lentils #2 or Better
Kabuli Chickpeas #2 or Better
Canola #1
Winter Wheat Feed
Prairie Spring White Wheat Feed
Western Soft White Spring Wheat Feed
Western General Purpose Wheat Feed

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Apr. 29 - Total Eclipse of the Market

"You don't want your personality to eclipse your work because no one would be interested in seeing your work anymore."- Amy Landecker (US actress)

Apr. 28 - Ramping Up Expectations

"The expectations of life depend upon diligence; the mechanic that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools." - Confucius (Chinese philosopher)

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