Re-inventing how grain marketing is done through the world’s fastest growing online grain marketplace

The Story

In 2013, Brennan Turner and Alain Goubau had a goal to help farmers be more confident in their grain marketing. Having grown up on Canadian farms, they wanted to empower farmers and give them more options to sell their grain.


Today, their vision has created a robust marketplace that brings verified buyers directly to farmers and helps producers of more than 100 different crops all across North America.


The Mission

FarmLead aims to facilitate greater equality, efficiency, and transparency in grain marketing.

Our online grain marketplace allows farmers to find more buyers and identify the best possible deal; while grain buyers can easily access and identify the grain for sale in their desired location.

What We've Achieved

What We Offer

  • Online physical cash grain marketplace where it’s free to post, and fees are a fraction of the cost of a brokerage
  • Around the clock grain listing and negotiations available for buyers and sellers
  • Transparent, quarterly credit verification of all buyers on the platform
  • Increased market reach across North America bringing more buyers and sellers to the table
  • Less time in the office and more money in the farmer’s pocket


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How much does it cost? 

It is completely free to sign-up and post your grain on FarmLead. Only when a deal is reached is a fee charged. The connection fee is paid to FarmLead by both the Buyer and the Seller. Both parties are charged the FarmLead Connection Fee of 1 cent per bushel traded.

Q2: What if there are issues with quality?


FarmLead does not handle any grain. We recommend that farmers proactively get their grain tested and upload the results to their postings on the marketplace. In fact, we’ve created to provide farmers with access to the top grain testing facilities in North America.

Q3: Who are your buyers?


Our buyers are based all over North America. From large grain trading organizations to brokers who need to fill their quotas, our buyers eagerly use FarmLead to find grain with distinct specifications to fit their needs.

Q4: How do farmers get paid?


Payment method is agreed upon directly between the buyer and the seller, all within the negotiation process.