Getting Started

Thousands of Grain Buyers and Sellers At Your Fingertips

Posting to FarmLead

FarmLead helps facilitate the best possible deals by connecting grain farmers and buyers directly with one another.


Posting on FarmLead does not lock you into a sale; it simply indicates that you’re interested in negotiating a grain deal.


There are two types of postings on the Marketplace:

Grain For Sale

Farmers who are looking to sell grain can easily expand their network to hundreds of buyers by posting it for sale the FarmLead Marketplace. Show what you’re looking for and market your grain on your terms.

Grain Wanted

Grain buyers can quickly fill quotas, especially when local demand is low, by posting their grain bids to the Marketplace. Gain an advantage by having a birds-eye view of what farmers in and around your area are looking to sell.

Why Post?

Deal With Credit-Approved Buyers

Farmers no longer have to be wary of getting paid for the grain they sell. Our buyers are credit-approved to ensure you get paid when the deal goes through – no matter what.

Retain Your Negotiating Power

Posting and negotiating on FarmLead is completely anonymous. Information is exchanged between parties only when a deal is formally agreed upon. Discuss the numbers with no room for bias.

Expand Your Reach

Both grain buyers and sellers know the pain of low local demand or non-existent supply. FarmLead expands your reach to areas in which you haven’t established a network.

Only Pay When You Make A Deal

We only make money when you make money. Posting, negotiating and searching the marketplace is 100% free.

"You're showing things that you have to sell to buyers that you normally wouldn't come in contact with, and it opens up a conversation."

– Martin Prince, Third-Generation Grain and Cattle Operation