Ensuring Farmers Get Paid

Trust and Security

Verified Buyers

FarmLead is committed to building trust with our Sellers. After all, we built the Marketplace to ensure Producers would find a market, make a deal, and get paid.


A key component of that is ensuring every Buyer who signs up for the Marketplace is verified. This process ensures you only deal with serious Buyers who can and will buy your grain and pay within a reasonable time frame.

Credit Checks

Becoming a Seller on FarmLead is simple. By signing up as a Seller, you can browse, post, and negotiate on the Marketplace right away.


To become a FarmLead verified Buyer, we need more information. All individuals who sign up as Buyers are NOT immediately allowed to start bidding on Seller’s postings.


Every Buyer must be credit-approved. This is done by a trusted third-party, Dun and Bradstreet. Only when they sign off, do we give Buyers the ability to bid and make deals.

Security on the Marketplace

Your information is important to us. That is why FarmLead will never sell your information with third-parties or disclose it without your consent.


In addition to protecting users privacy, we also ensure user security through encryption.

Website Security

We encrypt your information to ensure it stays safe. All sensitive data is communicated via web security standards such as SSL, and we periodically review our security to ensure that our systems and data are protected.

Payment Security

We currently use Authorize.Net and Stripe, reputable and secure third-party payment providers that allow you to pay online. FarmLead does not receive any of your payment information. Your payment information is completely and wholly subject to the third party’s Terms of Use.

What does this mean for you?

Dealing with credit-approved Buyers means you are dealing with someone who WILL pay you. While Buyers and Sellers remain anonymous until a deal is closed, both parties can trust the Marketplace to remain independent and neutral.


We built this process to ensure your success, and help you build confidence as a Seller. After all, we only make money if you do.