Flexible Ways to Post Your Grain

Types of Marketplace Offers

Negotiable Offer

Negotiable Offer allows users more flexibility and open communication, especially if you are willing to look at alternative movement periods or freight terms. The user is not bound to buy/sell based on the posted terms – for a deal to happen, a counterparty must first make a counteroffer to the user that they can review before accepting it.


A Negotiable Offer is customizable for up to 30 days and can be reposted.

Firm Offer

A Firm Offer allows users to buy/sell the commodity right away at a set price. Once posted, the user is contractually obligated to make a deal when the counterparty accepts their terms. Use a Firm Offer if you know exactly the terms you want and want to buy/sell your commodity immediately.


A Firm Offer is valid for 72 hours only.

No Price Offer

A No Price Offer allows users to sell/buy new or old crop commodities without setting a price. While similar to a negotiable offer, a No Price Offer requires the counterparty to send a price when making a formal offer. This is a great way to showcase some inventory as a seller, or, as a buyer, indicate the volume you’re trying to purchase.

A No Price Offer is also customizable for up to 30 days and can be reposted.