November 30 – Locking in Barley Exports, Grain Prices

Today’s Breakfast Brief looks at how China continues to own the world's feed exports (especially barley), capturing the carry in cash grain prices, and how Brazil is updating its ethanol policy.

November 29 – Meeting 2018 Grain Acres, Export Targets

Today we review estimates of 2018 acres, the potential for weather premium thanks to South America, and how politics and getting in the way of agricultural progress.

November 28 – Grain, Corn Markets’ History Is Worth Noting

Today’s Breakfast Brief looks at what forward-looking grain prices are doing (namely corn), what would happen to commodities if there was a sell-off in the stock market, and why cash is king again in grain markets.

November 27 – Letting Off Pressure in Grain, Wheat Prices

Today we look at projections for corn and wheat prices, noting lower wheat acres global (but not by much), and how exports of some major crops are faring (especially when compared to Chinese imports).

November 24 – Black Friday Grain Prices Risk Management

Today’s Breakfast Brief looks at the per bushel comparison of wheat prices around the world, what happened while Americans got in a turkey coma yesterday, and why we're watching Argentina.

November 22 – Grain Markets Finding A Turkey Rally?

Today’s Breakfast Brief looks at whether grain markets can rally through the US Thanksgiving holiday, why wheat had a pretty good day yesterday, and what our expectations should be for corn prices.