June 29 – Grain Markets Ready for USDA, StatsCan Reports

Except for Kansas City wheat prices, grain markets this morning are in the green ahead of acreage reports out from the USDA and StatsCan.

Spring Wheat Crop Condition
June 26 – Crop Progress Overshadowed by Trade War

Grain prices this morning are mixed as the complex tries to rebound on slightly bullish crop progress and weather data points.

Corn Futures Funds Position
June 25 – Wheat Prices Lead Grain Markets Lower

Grain markets are all in the red this morning, led by wheat prices, as the broader market continues to try to price in the risk of a global trade war.

June 22 – Grain Markets Catching a Break

Grain markets this morning are mostly in the green as the complex continues to claw back from the lows established earlier this week.

June 20 – Woeful Wheat Prices (Especially in Canada)

Wheat prices are leading a rebound this morning in the grain markets, after a significant sell-off across the complex.