July 31 – Wheat Prices Just Starting to Heat Up?

Wheat prices are again in the green with the rest of the grain markets as the weather is being more closely watched.

July 27 – Grain Prices Head for Second Week in Green

Grain prices this morning are almost all in the green, led by soybeans, as the complex looks to end its second straight week in the green.

July 25 – Are We Seeing Artificial Grain Markets?

Grain markets are mostly in the green this morning, with only soybean prices and canola prices pulling back after yesterday’s bullish activity.

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July 23 – Weather Becoming a Hot Topic Again

Grain markets this morning are almost all in the green, led by hard red spring wheat prices, as the weather is helping fuel some fresh bullish optimism.

July 20 – Grain Prices (Finally) Finding Weather Premiums

Grain prices this morning are all in the green, led by wheat prices, as hot weather is (finally) adding some premium to the complex.