Crop Progress report shows 63% of the U.S. winter wheat crop emerged
Oct 31 – Global Crop Progress Spook Grain Prices

Grain markets this morning are mostly in the red as the complex is factoring in crop progress picking up speed around the world, on both planting and harvest fronts.

2018/19 North American durum ending stocks
Oct 29 – Durum, Pulses Caught in Trade Crosshairs

Grain markets this morning are almost all in the green, but durum, one of the crops without a complex, isn’t doing too hot.

Canadian non-durum wheat exports are preforming well
Oct 26 – Are Wheat Exports Worth Noting (or Not)?

Grain prices are all in the green this morning as the complex looks to rebound from yesterday’s down day that saw only good sales in wheat exports.

Canadian Grain Exports in August 2018 Were Mostly Lower
Oct 24 – Who’s Winning the Grain Exports Game?

Grain markets this morning are all in the red as the complex is factoring in some slower grain exports, notably in U.S. soybeans and wheat exports, and in Canadian durum and canola. 

2018/19 Week 6 U.S. Corn Exports - Weekly
Oct 22 – Corn Prices, Exports the Anomaly?

Corn prices are leading grain markets this morning thanks to a strong start for 2018/19 exports, despite Harvest 2018 picking back up.