Feb. 27 – Will Weather Save Grain Markets from the Lows?

Grain markets were closed overnight on a technical issue, forcing traders to step back and review macro factors, namely weather and trade data.

USDA-2019-2020 American-crop-acreage-estimates
Feb. 25 – USDA Kickstarts Busy Week for Grain Markets

Grain markets this morning are mostly green on fresh headlines from the USDA and on the U.S.-China trade war potentially coming to an end.

Feb. 22 – Soybean, Canola Prices to Climb off the Lows?

Grain markets are mixed this morning as the complex tries to end a shortened-trading week in the green, one in which only corn, soybean, and canola prices have found gains.

Feb. 20 – Are Feed Barley Prices Being Reined in by Corn?

Grain markets are mostly in the red today, with only corn prices finding a bid, which has had me thinking more about feed barley prices.

Feb. 19 – Wheat Prices Bucking Rest of Grain Markets?

Grain markets are all in the green this morning except for wheat prices as the complex seems to be following their performance from Friday.