Acres Report US Soybean Exports Weekly Through Week 29
Mar. 29 – Readying for Today’s Acres and Stocks Report

Grain markets in the green this morning ahead of today’s reports from the USDA on Plant 2019 acres and their quarterly grain stocks report.

Mar. 27 – Grain Markets Wait on USDA Yet Again

Ahead of some major reports from the USDA on Friday, grain markets this morning are mixed with only cereals trying to lead the complex back up, along with canola trying to steady itself.

March 2019 AAFC estimates - 2019/20 canola prices and ending stocks
Mar. 25 – Canola Prices Panic on China

Grain markets are slightly mixed, with canola prices continuing their downward slide, as the complex weighs flooding, China, and the Prospective Planting report this Friday.

NOAA Expects Flooding in 2019
Mar. 22 – The NOAA Expects Major Flooding; Should You?

Oilseeds are red but the rest of grain markets are in the green this morning following a bullish NOAA report. Canola prices have fallen like a baby giraffe out of the womb on some bad sentiment from China.

Mar. 18 – Grain Prices Getting Record Bearish Attention

Grain prices this morning are mixed as the complex decides the headlines more important to focus on this week - weather or trade war talks.

Mar. 15 – Plant 2019 Questioned from Many Angles

Grain markets are mostly lower despite some bullish factors starting to come into play, including potential changes to Plant 2019 and potentially deflating geopolitical risk.