The U.S. Corn Plant 2019 is now the slowest on record
May 31 – U.S. Plant 2019 Officially the Worst Ever

Grain prices this morning are in the red this morning as traders take month-end profits off the board, despite Plant 2019 for corn and soybeans far from complete.

Corn Prices have rallied 20% in May thanks to a bullish delay in Plant 2019
May 29 – Corn Prices Running Away with Prevent Plant Acres

Grain markets are once again in the green, led by corn prices, as speculators continue to unwind their short position due to the bullish delay in Plant 2019.

May 24 – Corn, Wheat Prices Earning a Weather Premium

Grain prices this morning are all in the green, led by corn and wheat prices, as a weather market continues to materialize in the complex.

May 22 – Grain Prices Getting a Plant 2019 Gut Check

Grain prices this morning are mostly mixed as concerns mount over Plant 2019 and the impact of trade war aid for U.S. farmers.

2018/19 U.S. soybean exports through Week 36 - cumulative
May 17 – Canadian Soybean Exports Next on China’s Hit List

Canadian soybean exports are seemingly next on China’s hit list as grain markets are grappling with a trade war between opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean.

May 10 – Will Another WASDE Report Be Overshadowed?

Grain markets are mostly in the red as the complex positions ahead of today’s May WASDE Report, albeit it doesn’t seem to be a huge focus!