Without China, U.S. soybean exports are likely to finish 2018/19 20% behind the previous year's shipments
Aug 30 – How Long Can China Last Without U.S. Soybeans, Pork?

August trading is coming to an end and it was a tumultuous month for grain markets with China, weather, and crop conditions owning the headlines.

The final crop production possibility from StatsCan in 2019
Aug. 28 – StatsCan Says Smaller Canola & Wheat Harvest

This morning, StatsCan came out with their first production estimate for Harvest 2019, as broader markets continue to deal with geopolitical turmoil

Harvest 2019 for Canadian peas is looking bigger than once thought, as per AAFC August estimates
Aug. 26 – Harvest 2019 Possibilities Vs a Bigger Trade War

With Harvest 2019 on the minds of many, grain markets are mostly in the green this Monday as the complex is rebounding from Friday’s sell-off due to heightened trade war tensions between the U.S. and China.

Soybean Yields should come in lower in 2019, as lower pod counts suggest this
Aug. 23 – Corn, Soybean Yields Continue to be Up for Debate

Grain markets are in the red as the complex weighs the corn and soybean yields results from the ProFarmer crop tour this week.

Corn Yields and Soybean pod counts through 2 days of the 2019 ProFarmer Crop Tour
Aug. 21 – Bullish Soybean, Corn Yields (At Least Compared to USDA)

With two days of the 4-day ProFarmer crop tour in the books, estimates of soybean and corn yields from field level are looking fairly bullish, but markets, seemingly, aren't buying it yet.

ProFarmer crop tour 2019 route
Aug. 19 – ProFarmer Crop Tour Goes Head-to-Head with USDA

As the 2019 ProFarmer crop tour starts its annual trek this morning through corn and soybean fields in the Midwest, grain markets are starting the week out in the red.