Pre-report estimates for USDA stocks report as of September 1
Sept. 27 – Stocks Report Next on Grain Markets “To Do” List

Grain markets this morning are mixed with just the USDA quarterly stocks report and today and Monday’s trading left in the month and the calendar quarter.

Mother Nature has given Western Canada and the U.S. Northern Plains a lot of rain over the last 30 days
Sept 25 – Mother Nature Playing Dirty for Harvest 2019

Grain markets are mixed this morning after yesterday’s positive day on Mother Nature and weather concerns related to Harvest 2019.

AAFC September 2019 estimate of Canadian canola prices and stock
Sept 23 – AAFC Pessimism & Harvest 2019 Battles

Grain markets this morning are in the green as the complex factors in Agriculture Canada’s updated demand estimates, harvest 2019 weather forecasts, and trade war talks.

India & China are top destinations for Canadian pea exports through Week 6
Sept 20 – India, China Top Trade Talks, Grain Export Options

Grain markets this morning are mixed as India and China jockey for trade status with the U.S. and Harvest 2019 rolls along amidst weather concerns.

The African Swine Fever continues to spread around the world
Sept 18 – Will the African Swine Fever Ever Be Solved?

Grain markets this morning are mixed as African Swine fever, Harvest 2019 progress, and trade war talks dominate the headlines.

September WASDE soybean and corn yields comparables
Sept 16 – September WASDE Report Belief & Oil Prices

Grain markets this morning are mostly green but disregarding most of the September WASDE report data shared last Thursday for another commodity: oil.