Futures soybean prices performance over the past year
Jan 31 – Grains (Especially Soybean Prices) Finally End a Rough Month

Grain markets – especially soybean prices – continue to accumulate losses as economic and grain demand concerns weigh on investors.

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Jan 29 – Coronavirus Spread Pushes Markets Towards Peak Panic

Grain markets are mixed as the spread of the coronavirus has seemingly hit peak panic after the sell-off seen over the past week.

The first Plant 2020 estimates from Agriculture Canada came out January 23, 2020
Jan 27 – Early Plant 2020 Expectations (Maybe Too Early?)

Grain markets are all in the red this morning as the complex starts to consider Plant 2020 expectations, and soybean exports (or the lack thereof).

Canadian pea exports are estimated by Agriculture Canada to fall by 100,000 MT in the 2020/21 crop year to 3.3 MMT
Jan 24 – Will Pea Exports Pick Up on Smaller India Pulses Harvest?

This morning we’re exploring pea exports amidst all grain prices on the futures board being in the red as friendly headlines are slowing.

U.S. 2019/20 cumulative soybean exports through Week 19
Jan 22 – When Will Soybean Exports Start to Pick Up?

Grain markets are all in the green this morning despite doubts about more U.S. soybean exports going to China and ongoing geopolitical risk.

The new U.S.-China trade deal potentially means higher soybean prices
Jan 17 – New Trade Deal (Ironically) Doesn’t Help Grain Prices

Grain prices are mixed this morning as trade deal headlines swirl and the complex (especially soybean prices) tries to rebound from the last few down days of trading.