Plant 2020 corn acres plants may be upset by the decline in ethanol demand
Mar 30 – How Much Will Plant 2020 Plans Change with COVID-19?

Grain markets are mostly green as eyes turn towards Plant 2020 expectations from the USDA and potential impacts of a recession thanks to COVID-19. “Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must

The supply chain for U.S. HRS wheat remains strong with cumulative exports tracking 8.3% higher year-over-year
Mar 27 – Is Our Supply Chain at Risk of Default?

Grain markets this morning are in the green as demand from the supply chain for essential foodstuffs remains strong.

Pulses - including pea prices - seeing a rebound in cash prices as a reflection of higher demand
Mar 25 – Are Pulses Dealing with a Perfect COVID-19 Storm?

Grain markets are mostly in the green as demand for essentials like pulses, meat, and cereals continue to help the complex.

Average CPS wheat prices for Western Canada spot movement through March 20, 2020
Mar 23 – Wheat Prices Leading Grains’ Rebuttal to COVID-19

Grain markets are in the green this morning, led by soybean, oats, and wheat prices, but for the third straight Monday, equity and oil markets are all lower.

Performance of the U.S. Dollar index over the past 2 weeks through March 20, 2020
Mar 20 – King U.S. Dollar, Food Supply Chains, and Plant 2020

Grain markets are all in the green this morning as the U.S. Dollar maintains its strength and the agriculture industry starts focusing on Plant 2020.

Cash durum prices for spot movement in Western Canada through March 17, 2020
Mar 18 – Will Durum Prices be the First to Rebound?

Grain markets are mostly green this morning as we start to contemplate what commodities – such as durum prices – could provide light on when the rebound happens.