Dry Conditions In Major Durum Regions
Durum Wheat
September 12, 2018
Sept WASDE: USDA Hikes US Durum Ending Stocks

On Wednesday, the USDA released its September WASDE, which showed not much on production, but hiked US durum ending stocks.

Durum Wheat
August 31, 2018
Aug 31: 5 MMT of 2018 Canadian Durum Production

In its first curum production report for 2018, on Friday, August 31, Statistics Canada estimated this year’s Canadian durum crop at 5.03 MMT.

This is up 1% compared to last year but down 16% compared to the 5-year average.

Durum Wheat
June 12, 2018
June WASDE Shows US Will Export Less Durum in 2017/18

The outlook for durum (especially old crop) turned a bit bearish after the June WASDE report was released today, due to a slow pace for US durum exports.

Durum Wheat
April 02, 2018
April 2 - Who Would Believe That More Durum is Being Grown in Africa?

Durum Wheat? In Africa? The International Centre for Research in the Dry Areas developed a strain of wheat that can grow in 40-degree Celsius conditions.

Durum Wheat
March 12, 2018
March 12 - More Buzz About 2018 North American Durum Acres

Just how many durum acres will be seeded this year in both Canada and the US? It’s still a wild card it seems… First, a refresher.

Durum Wheat
February 03, 2018
February 3 - AAFC Predicts More Canadian Durum in 2018/19

For Canadian durum prices, it’s clear the AAFC is getting a bit more optimstic, thanks to the market finally working through the suprising supply of crop.

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