Indian Government Meddling in Lentils Markets
June 06, 2018
June 6 - Is Indian Lentils Demand Poised to Strengthen?

Even though India is seeing an early start to the monsoon season, the lower production and high demand expectations are a bit bullish for lentils prices.

April 16, 2018
April 16 - How Will India’s 2018 Monsoon Rains Impact Lentils?

While lentils prices have fallen dramatically with India’s import tax, it’s time to look at the next major factor:

Monsoon rains.

March 19, 2018
March 19 - Will India’s Import Tax on Lentils Go to 100%?

If you’re thinking that India’s import tax on lentils is going to calm down, we would encourage you to rethink that one. The situation is far from over.

March 12, 2018
March 12 - Indian Lentils Prices Are Falling Despite Import Taxes

What are the grain market analysts in India saying about the effect of the Indian import taxes on lentils?

March 02, 2018
March 2 - An Update on India's Pulse Crop

In India, food production is slated to be up 0.9% this year.

Specifically as it relates to pulses, volumes are forecasted to grow by 3.5%.

What’s this mean for lentils prices?

February 28, 2018
February 28 - Are Our Expectations Too High for Lentils Trade Policy With India?

While there were some distractions to Prime Minister Trudeau’s recent visit to India, we have to agree that it did open up some issues on pulses.

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