June 29 – US Chickpeas Area up 7%, Stocks 108% Higher

The USDA released their updated estimates for stocks and acreage today. For chickpeas, the big surprise was a 108% increase in stocks.

On Friday, the USDA released its quarterly update on chickpeas acreage.

The agency pegged chickpea acreage at 662,300 acres.

According to the Acreage report, U.S. chickpeas acres are up 7% from 2017, when they were at 618,800 acres.  

This figure is down 2,700 acres from March estimates.

USDA Chickpeas Acreage Estimates

A few key states that showed significant changes in estimates included the following:

– Montana: +12% or 32,000 higher year-over-year to 301,000 acres.  

– Washington: +8% or 13,000 year-over-year to 180,000 acres.  

– Idaho: +4.3% or 4,300 acres higher year-over-year to 112,00 acres.

Compared to the March Prospective Plantings report, these are a few of the states that saw the biggest changes in acreage:

– Montana: -7,000 acres or -2.3%

– Washington: +5,000 acres or +2.9%

– Idaho: -3,000 acres or -2.6%

Chickpeas stocks in all positions on June 1, 2018 totalled 44,706 MT, up 108% higher than the 21,489 MT still available in the pipeline as of June 1, 2017.

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