June 29 – US Lentils Area -29%, but Stocks +45% from 2017

American farmers will devote 29% fewer acres to lentils this year, according to USDA estimates, but lentils stocks increased by 45% since 2017.

On Friday, the USDA released its quarterly update on lentils acreage.

The agency pegged lentils acreage at 789,000 acres.

According to the Acreage report, U.S. lentils acres are down 28.5% from 2017, when a little more than 1.1 million acres were seeded.

This June figure is also down just 2,000 acres from March estimates so maybe we can assume that this survey was pretty accurate!

USDA Lentils Acreage Estimates

A few key states that showed significant changes in estimates included the following:

 – Montana: -27% or 200,000 acres lower year-over-year to 530,000 acres.

 – North Dakota: -17% or 100,000 acres lower year-over-year to 170,000 acres

 – Washington: -16% or 11,000 lower year-over-year to 57,000 acres.

Compared to the March Prospective Plantings report, only North Dakota and Washington saw changes, dropping by 10,000 acres and adding 1,000 acres respectively.

Lentils stocks in all positions on June 1, 2018, totaled 89,412 MT, a 45% jump from the 61,674 MT see a year earlier on June 1, 2017.

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