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September 18: Soybean Prices Continue to Slump in Chicago
September 18, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Soybean prices pushed lower again Tuesday as traders continue to weigh ongoing trade tensions between the United States and China as harvest period picks up.
September 10: Canola Prices Rise Ahead of the September WASDE Report
September 10, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Canola prices finished the day in the green thanks to a round of technical buying. The uptick came two days ahead of the September WASDE report.
May 2018 Barley Prices Recap
June 01, 2018 Brennan Turner
Barley prices in the month of May were sideways-to-higher, as malt barley prices went sideways and feed barley prices went higher.
May 2018 Flax Prices Recap
June 01, 2018 Sarah Bader
Flax prices through the month of May saw a little bit of strength as prices on the FarmLead Marketplace hit yearly highs.
May 2018 Peas Prices Recap
June 01, 2018 Sarah Bader
Peas prices over May did fluctuate a bit but ended the month basically where it began. Compared to a year ago, yellow peas prices are down about 25%!
May 2018 Chickpeas Prices Recap
June 01, 2018 Sarah Bader
Chickpeas prices trended sideways to lower over the past month as a record crop in India and expected larger supplies in 2018/19 helped bears.
May 2018 Lentils Prices Recap
June 01, 2018 Sarah Bader
For the month of May, a bearish tinge hung over the head of lentils prices. Again. Read up on what could push lentils prices higher again.
May 2018 Durum Wheat Prices Recap
June 01, 2018 Brennan Turner
The outlook for durum was neutral this past month. GrainCents readers learned about falling Italian demand, and rising African demand for Canadian durum.
May 2018 Spring Wheat Prices Recap
June 01, 2018 Brennan Turner
Spring wheat prices pushed higher thanks to delays in planting, quality concerns, and questions about the weather heading into the summer.
May 2018 Winter Wheat Prices Recap
June 01, 2018 Brennan Turner
This month, winter wheat prices found solid gains thanks to ongoing concerns about weather, crop quality, and available supply.
May 2018 Oats Prices Recap
June 01, 2018 Brennan Turner
Oats prices finished the month of May largely flat, due to ongoing weather concerns across the United States and Canada.
May 2018 Soybeans Prices Recap
June 01, 2018 Brennan Turner
May 2018 concluded with a selloff of soybean prices and left contracts largely where they began on the first day of the month
May 2018 Canola Prices Recap
June 01, 2018 Brennan Turner
Canola prices moved sideways this month but the overall trend is up. Factors to watch include the size of the US crop, high protein canola, and weather.
May 2018 Corn Prices Recap
June 01, 2018 Brennan Turner
Corn prices finished May in the green thanks to ongoing challenges in South America. We also discussed planting progress and US trade policy.
May 29 - Grain Prices Fall After Trump Imposes Tariffs on China
May 29, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Grain prices reacted negatively to news that the Trump administration plans to proceed with tariffs on about $50 billion of Chinese imports.
What Will the Weather Bring This Summer for Farmers?
May 25, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
We break down what farmers can expect this summer, weather-wise. Then, we provide additional insight into managing grain in the summer.
April 2018 Chickpeas Prices Recap
May 02, 2018 Adrian Uzea
Chickpeas prices continue to face bearish headwinds as we transitioned from March into April and now into May.
April 2018 Lentils Prices Recap
May 02, 2018 Adrian Uzea
Lentils prices were affected by the Indian government interfering in the pulse markets, as well as the impact of India’s monsoon.
April 2018 Barley Prices Recap
May 02, 2018 Adrian Uzea
The outlook for barley prices was bullish in April, at least when it comes to feed barley prices. In Western Canada, it did extremely well!
April 2018 Durum Wheat Prices Recap
May 02, 2018 Adrian Uzea
Durum wheat prices seemed to act in slow motion this month as new significant demand or supply news created market-moving activity.
April 2018 Oats Prices Recap
May 02, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
There was little news to report for most of the month but oats prices were volatile with the rest of the market.
April 25: Wheat Prices Push Higher as Markets Eye U.S. Exports
April 25, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
U.S. wheat prices pushed higher in Chicago and Kansas City as markets continued to eye the weather reports. Here's our daily grain recap.
November 13: Bombs Away for Grain Prices
November 13, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Soybean prices slump again, wheat prices wilt, and December corn slide toward $3.40. Here's your daily recap of grain prices from the Chicago Board of Trade.
November 9: The November WASDE Report Hammers Soybean Prices
November 09, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
November soybean prices fell 12.75 cents after the USDA November WASDE report. The contract closed the day at $9.7525. That figure is about 25 cents lower than where the contract traded a day after the release of the October WASDE report. 
Novemer 8: Soybean Prices Tick Higher Ahead of November WASDE Report
November 08, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Ahead of the November WASDE report, soybean prices continued to tick higher. The November contract hit $9.88 after added 2 cents on the day. The January contract is just a 1.5 cents away from $10.00 per bushel. On a day that featured a light schedule of data, traders focused on the ongoing changes in yield expectations among analysts. Here's what else happened during Wednesday's trading session.
November 3: Soybean Prices Slump in Chicago
November 03, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Soybean prices declined today. Corn prices followed suit.
October 31: Corn Prices and Wheat Prices Fall in Chicago
October 31, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
The harvest has picked up affecting corn prices. Oversupply slumped wheat prices again.
Soybean Prices Rally on Strong Export Demand
October 27, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Export numbers helped push soybean prices higher today. Unfortunately, corn and wheat prices couldn't follow suit.
October 13 - Grain Bulls Come Out to Play
October 13, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Grain prices swelled again Friday as bullish sentiment could be felt around the trading floor and at terminals across Chicago. A round of positive export news complemented what was seen as a bullish WASDE report.
October 11 - WASDE Report Worries Hit Grain Prices
October 11, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Corn prices and wheat prices retreated Wednesday ahead of the October WASDE report. After the last two reports, it’s fair to argue that everyone is in a bit of a bearish mood ahead of Thursday’s release of the WASDE report. But it’s wasn’t just WASDE jitters that had markets turning red.
October 10 - Spring Wheat Prices Retreat
October 10, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
A day after trading was closed for the Columbus Day weekend, grain prices fell across the board on Tuesday at the Chicago Board of Trade. December corn contracts fell back below $3.50, while spring wheat prices declined by 5.75 cents.  Weather events continue to delay that harvest, Markets didn’t show significant price movement as traders continue to take a wait-and-see approach to Thursday’s World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report.
October 6 - Grain Markets Today: Weather Rally Hits Grain Prices
October 06, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
The expected rain helped boost grain prices today. However, markets are waiting for the Crop Progress Report and the WASDE report next week.
October 5 - Soybeans Jump as Rains Hit Harvest Season
October 05, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Today the focus was once again on the weather as well as exports. Grain mixes were mixed today.
October 3 - Wheat Prices Rebound after USDA Progress Report
October 03, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Today was a good day for wheat prices. Much of traders' focus is on the weather and recent USDA data.
September 29 - USDA Sets Bullish Tone for Corn and Soybean Prices
September 29, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
The Quarterly Stocks Report and Small Grains Report came out today and the markets reacted sharply. Corn and soybean prices pulled through, but wheat prices were on the decline.
September 1 - Corn Prices Start September in the Red
September 01, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Corn prices started September in the red, soybean prices were able to gain, and wheat prices were once again mixed in Chicago and Kansas City.
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