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Nov 5 - Corn Futures Feeling Pressure of 2019 Acres?
November 05, 2018 Brennan Turner
Grain markets this morning all slightly in the red with soybean and corn futures continuing their pullback from Friday’s morning highs ahead of tomorrow’s U.S. mid-term election.
October 4: Corn Prices Edge Higher With October WASDE in Focus
October 04, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Corn prices ticked higher Thursday as traders and analysts began to speculate on next week’s release of the October WASDE report.
October 3, 2018: Canola Prices Continue to Rise
October 03, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Front-month canola prices were in striking distance of CAD $500 per ton as investors continued to speculate on the weather in Canada.
September 2018 Corn Prices Recap - FarmLead (GrainCents)
October 01, 2018 Brennan Turner
U.S. corn prices finished in the green in September. Ongoing harvest pressures and record yields have fueled a selloff in the grains complex.
September 25: Wheat Futures Retreat in Tuesday Trading
September 25, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Wheat futures contracts were in the red Tuesday as markets weighed global production numbers and the progress of the Winter Wheat Plant.
September 19: Grain Prices Rally on Technical Buying
September 19, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Grain prices pushed higher Wednesday thanks to technical buying. Soybean prices bounced off multiyear lows to increase by roughly 2%.
September 12: Instant Reaction to the September WASDE Report
September 12, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
On Wednesday, the USDA released the September 2018 WASDE Report. Overall, this was yet another bearish report for farmers.
September 10: Canola Prices Rise Ahead of the September WASDE Report
September 10, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Canola prices finished the day in the green thanks to a round of technical buying. The uptick came two days ahead of the September WASDE report.
September 6: Wheat Futures Drop with September WASDE in Sight
September 06, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Wheat futures were in the red again, falling more than 1% as markets prepare for the upcoming September WASDE report.
July 2018 Corn Prices Recap
August 01, 2018 Sarah Bader
Corn prices recovered this month after their collapse in June 2018, with weather and trade war talk continuing to influence prices.
July 31: Soybean Prices Surge in Chicago
July 31, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Soybeans prices popped on reports that China and the United States are preparing to restart talks to “defuse” its ongoing trade spat.
July 30: Soybeans Find Gains on Monday Afternoon
July 30, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
U.S. soybean prices pushed higher in Chicago on Monday. Prices remain under pressure due to the trade battle between the U.S. and China.
July 26: Wheat Prices Retreat Around the United States
July 26, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Wheat prices retreated today after yesterday's gains. Corn prices and soybeans prices found modest gains thanks to bullish news from Europe.
July 25: Wheat Prices Surge in Chicago
July 25, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Wheat prices popped by 32 cents as traders poured through global production numbers. Corn and soybeans prices followed wheat's upward surge.
July 19: Wheat Prices Rise Thanks to Strong Export Demand
July 19, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Wheat prices pushed higher on Thursday across the United States. Strong export demand and solid bargain buying provided upside price support.
July 16 - Wheat Prices Slump in Chicago
July 16, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Wheat prices fell across the country today. Corn prices were flat, but soybean prices found double-digit gains as bargain buyers moved in.
July 12: Wheat Prices Pop after July WASDE Report
July 12, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
The July WASDE report was released on Thursday. Wheat prices popped higher after the agency reported a yearly decline in global stocks.
July 10 - Wheat Prices Take Incredible Punch in Chicago
July 10, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
A day after a brutal selloff in the soybean markets, wheat prices saw a huge slump in Chicago and Kansas City.
July 9: Soybean Prices Crash in Chicago
July 09, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Soybean prices dropped 2.5% Monday thanks to a sell-off sparked by the ongoing U.S.-China trade war. Corn and wheat prices also dropped.
June 12: Instant Reaction to the June WASDE Report
June 12, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
On Tuesday, the USDA reported the June WASDE report. Here is our instant recap of the report and what happens next for grain traders.
May 23 - Wheat Prices Rip Higher in Chicago
May 23, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Chicago wheat, corn, and soybeans all pushed higher today. How are factors like Trump, Argentina, and weather concerns affecting markets?
Live WASDE Report: May 2018 WASDE Recap 
May 10, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Today, we're providing live analysis of the May 2018 WASDE report. Check out our quick reactions to the May WASDE report.
May 9: Grain Traders Prepare for May 2018 WASDE Report
May 09, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
The May WASDE Report will be released on Thursday. But ahead of the report, let's dive deeper into other things affecting grain prices today.
May 3: Wheat Prices Surge after Crop Tour Concludes
May 03, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
The annual Winter Wheat crop tour wrapped up its third and final day. Here's how wheat prices fared after a surprise yield estimate in Kansas.
April 2018 Corn Prices Recap
May 02, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
April was a critical month for corn prices as farmers begin planting and moving old crop to make way for the next harvest.
April 10: Soybean Prices Rise after April WASDE Report
April 10, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
The April WASDE report offered a few surprises on ending stocks and crop production in South America. Here is our grain trading recap.
March 2018 Corn Prices Recap
April 01, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Corn prices in March ticked higher thanks to a nice surge in the final trading day of the month. March was an intriguing month of storylines.
March 27: Soybean Prices Retreat on Brazil Weather, Output Expectations
March 28, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Soybean prices slipped again Tuesday as markets prepare for this week’s Prospective Plantings report from the USDA.
February 20: Why Wheat Prices Slumped on Tuesday
February 20, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
In Chicago, grain prices were mixed. Soybean prices ticked higher thanks to ongoing dryness across Argentina. Meanwhile, wheat prices slipped thanks to another round of technical selling.
February 13: Soybean Prices Are On Fire
February 13, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Tuesday was a strong day for soybean prices, The March contract jumped another 10 cents to closed the day just under $10.12 per bushel. The May contract added 9.75 cents to finish at $10.225.
January 24: Winter Wheat Prices Pop Wednesday
January 24, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
It was a big day for wheat prices, but not the usual reasons you might expect. On a quiet day of economic and trade data, grain prices pushed higher thanks to a weaker U.S. dollar. And what prompted the greenback to slump today?
Grain Prices Mixed Ahead of Winter Weather
December 20, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
While it may not be a White Christmas across the Midwest, rest assured that it will be a cold one. Best to wrap yourself in a blanket, pull up the cocoa for our daily recap of grain prices from the Chicago Board of Trade. 
December 18: Soybean Prices Slide as Rains Enter Forecast in South America
December 18, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Despite some bullish export numbers from the USDA, today's soybean trade was dominated by headlines out of Argentina. The January contract fell to a three-month low of $9.615 per bushel. The March 2018 contract shed 5.5 cents and closed at $9.725. 
Wheat Prices and Corn Prices Retreat Monday
November 27, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Global traders were paying attention to three things: tax reform progress, U.S. home sales, and oil prices at two-year highs. Corn prices dipped, and soybean prices showed some modest gains.
The Only Way to Know You're Getting the Best Price for Your Grain
November 14, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Price Discovery is the latest tool to help farmers close deals faster. In addition to this tool, FarmLead has also recently unveiled, a platform that provides farmers with access to low-cost grain testing services all across North America.
October 30: SRW Wheat Prices Fall for Fourth Straight Day
October 30, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Wheat prices in Chicago slumped again today, probably supply is outpacing demand. This applies heavily to soybean and wheat crops.
October 24: Wheat Prices Push Higher After USDA Report
October 24, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Wheat prices and corn prices saw an uptick today. The Dow-Jones climbed even higher today as well.
October 20 - Grain Prices Slump in Broad Selloff
October 20, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Grain prices fell even as global markets continue to rally. The Dow Jones surged another 140 points to record highs Friday. Investors are bullish on the U.S. economy and the possibility that Congress will pass tax reform later this year.
October 13 - Grain Bulls Come Out to Play
October 13, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Grain prices swelled again Friday as bullish sentiment could be felt around the trading floor and at terminals across Chicago. A round of positive export news complemented what was seen as a bullish WASDE report.
October 11 - WASDE Report Worries Hit Grain Prices
October 11, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Corn prices and wheat prices retreated Wednesday ahead of the October WASDE report. After the last two reports, it’s fair to argue that everyone is in a bit of a bearish mood ahead of Thursday’s release of the WASDE report. But it’s wasn’t just WASDE jitters that had markets turning red.
October 6 - Grain Markets Today: Weather Rally Hits Grain Prices
October 06, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
The expected rain helped boost grain prices today. However, markets are waiting for the Crop Progress Report and the WASDE report next week.
October 4 - Wheat Prices Retreat Again
October 04, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Commodity prices saw a decline today. Many are hoping the predicted rain will help out with dryness in the Midwest.
October 3 - Wheat Prices Rebound after USDA Progress Report
October 03, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Today was a good day for wheat prices. Much of traders' focus is on the weather and recent USDA data.
September 29 - USDA Sets Bullish Tone for Corn and Soybean Prices
September 29, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
The Quarterly Stocks Report and Small Grains Report came out today and the markets reacted sharply. Corn and soybean prices pulled through, but wheat prices were on the decline.
Grain Markets Today: July 10 - Corn and Soybean Ratings Fall Again
July 10, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Dry weather in the future forced corn prices to increase as traders focused on their short positions. But the corn quality is a different story. Soybean and wheat prices also experienced an increase in price.
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