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Feb 14 – How Soon Will China Recover from Coronavirus Epidemic?
February 14, 2020 Brennan Turner
Grain markets are mixed as a re-ignition of the coronavirus spreading in China is renewing uncertainties of economic activities.
Feb 5 – Competing Grain, Corn Exports & Another Soybean Harvest
February 05, 2020 Brennan Turner
Grain markets this morning are trying to rebound on some bargain buying, amidst a competitive corn exports environment, another big soybean harvest in Brazil, and the economic impact of the coronavirus.
Feb 3 – With China Closed Off, What Happens to Grain Prices?
February 03, 2020 Brennan Turner
Grain prices are mostly lower as the complex starts February with most eyes on China, namely the impact of the coronavirus and demand for agricultural goods.
Jan 31 – Grains (Especially Soybean Prices) Finally End a Rough Month
January 31, 2020 Brennan Turner
Grain markets – especially soybean prices – continue to accumulate losses as economic and grain demand concerns weigh on investors.
Jan 29 – Coronavirus Spread Pushes Markets Towards Peak Panic
January 29, 2020 Brennan Turner
Grain markets are mixed as the spread of the coronavirus has seemingly hit peak panic after the sell-off seen over the past week.
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