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Apr. 15 – Are Feed Barley Prices the Lone Shining Star?
April 15, 2019 Brennan Turner
Pushing to the middle of the month, Grain markets – even feed barley prices - are trying to rebound from the pullback in the complex lately.
Feb. 20 – Are Feed Barley Prices Being Reined in by Corn?
February 20, 2019 Brennan Turner
Grain markets are mostly in the red today, with only corn prices finding a bid, which has had me thinking more about feed barley prices.
Jan. 25 – Are Corn Prices Going to Slow Barley Exports?
January 25, 2019 Brennan Turner
Grain markets are mixed this morning, corn prices are continuing to find a way to squeak out some gains. Will that impact barley exports?
FarmLead’s Review of 2018 Barley Prices, Market
December 29, 2018 Brennan Turner
Barley prices have impressed in 2018 as a shortage of both quality and quantity, and strong demand, helped elevate values.
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