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FarmLead’s 2018 Recap of Grain Markets, Prices
December 26, 2018 Brennan Turner
Grain markets in 2018 was unlike pretty much any other year that we’ve ever seen, mainly because of all the changes to trade policies.
How the New NAFTA Will Impact Grain Prices
October 04, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
NAFTA 2.0 - the USMCA - is here. The obvious questions are (1) what's really changed and (2) how will it impact grain prices?
Oct 4 - Grain Markets Pricing in Harvest Pain
October 04, 2018 Brennan Turner
Grain markets are all in the green this morning, as the complex tries to rebound from yesterday’s farmer selling and profit-taking.
Oct 2 - Slowing Crop Progress, Trade War
October 02, 2018 Brennan Turner
Grain markets are slightly in the red as the complex pulls back from the big gains made yesterday on slower crop progress and a new NAFTA being signed.
Sept 20 - StatsCan Gives (Usual) Bearish Surprise
September 20, 2018 Brennan Turner
Grain markets this morning are mostly down after yesterday’s day in the green; a bright spot amongst the bearish seasonality and ongoing trade battles.
August 2018 Soybeans Prices Recap - FarmLead (GrainCents)
September 01, 2018 Brennan Turner
Soybean prices continued to slide as seasonal growing season pressures complemented ongoing trade issues with NAFTA & China.
August 28 - Trump, NAFTA, and Subsidies Weigh on Grain Markets
August 28, 2018 Brennan Turner
Grain prices are trying to rebound this morning as the prospect of a new NAFTA deal lingers.
August 27: Futures Prices Fall Despite NAFTA News
August 27, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Futures prices fell on Monday, despite news about a potential breakthrough on NAFTA trade negotiations between the U.S. and Mexico.
August 22: Soybean Prices Crater in Chicago
August 22, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Soybean prices, corn prices and wheat prices fell on Wednesday after rumors of a handshake NAFTA deal were rejected by Mexican authorities.
May 2018 Canola Prices Recap
June 01, 2018 Brennan Turner
Canola prices moved sideways this month but the overall trend is up. Factors to watch include the size of the US crop, high protein canola, and weather.
May 29 - Grain Prices Fall After Trump Imposes Tariffs on China
May 29, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Grain prices reacted negatively to news that the Trump administration plans to proceed with tariffs on about $50 billion of Chinese imports.
February 20: Why Wheat Prices Slumped on Tuesday
February 20, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
In Chicago, grain prices were mixed. Soybean prices ticked higher thanks to ongoing dryness across Argentina. Meanwhile, wheat prices slipped thanks to another round of technical selling.
January 29: Grain Prices Push Higher on Weather Woes
January 29, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Grain prices pushed higher in Chicago on news of dry weather across the United States and Argentina. Here's our daily recap from Chicago.
January 18 - Hitting the Reset Button on Grain Sales
January 18, 2018 Brennan Turner
Grain markets this morning are mixed again, with corn giving up some of yesterday's losses while wheat tries to extend their gains. Canola prices are up on some political factors in Europe that we need to dig in to.
January 17 - Grain Markets Looking to Demand, South America
January 17, 2018 Brennan Turner
Grain markets this morning are quietly mixed again, with oilseeds lower and wheat recovering some of its losses from the past few days as weather premium and export hopes pick up.
January 11 - Grain Markets Gear Up for January WASDE
January 11, 2018 Brennan Turner
Grain markets this morning are quietly mixed with oilseeds higher and wheat lower as the complex prepares for tomorrow's January WASDE, out at 12 noon eastern.
January 10 - Grain Prices Weigh WASDE, Market Outlooks
January 10, 2018 Brennan Turner
Grain markets this morning are mixed as the complex continues to weigh pre-WASDE report guesstimates, namely those in the exports and ending stocks columns for US corn and soybeans.
GrainCents 2018 Corn Prices, Market Outlook
January 06, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Corn prices in 2017 didn’t have too much opportunity for profitable sales. Will 2018 be any different? We explore in our GrainCents 2018 outlook
December 12 - Grain Production, Wheat Exports Catching a Break?
December 12, 2017 Brennan Turner
Today’s Breakfast Brief looks at some updated grain production numbers out from Europe and Australia, while wait for CONAB's update in Brazil and the USDA's new numbers from the world agricultural production supply and demand estimates (WASDE).
November 21 - Effect of Crop Progress on Grain Prices
November 21, 2017 Brennan Turner
Today’s Breakfast Brief digs into crop progress figures in both the U.S. and South America. We also look at some comparative export numbers and whether livestock prices will offer feed grain prices any more upside.
November 15 - Bears Are Beating Up Bulls
November 15, 2017 Brennan Turner
Today we look at how much more bearish the grain complex can get and if some seasonal tendencies will get us off the lows that grain prices are sitting on.
October 12 - Where Will WASDE Report Take Grain Prices
October 12, 2017 Brennan Turner
The WASDE report will be released at 12 p.m. EST, and farmers across North America will see cash and futures prices for their grain swing based on the numbers. Just a reminder: the WASDE report tracks the October 2017 estimates for global agricultural supply and demand figures. The big numbers that will affect grain prices today are yield expectations.
October 11 - A Warm-Up to the October WASDE
October 11, 2017 Brennan Turner
Grain markets are mostly in the red this Wednesday morning, despite the somewhat-bullish reports released yesterday. Soy oil and canola aren’t necessarily in that camp though as Malaysian palm oil stocks topped 2 million tonnes for the first time in 19 months. Malaysian palm oil exports also disappointed. This continues to weigh on soy oil and canola prices.
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