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April 23: Spring Wheat Prices Slump in Minneapolis
April 23, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Up in Minneapolis, spring wheat prices fell. The downturn came before the USDA reported significant delays in spring wheat planting.
December 19 - The 2018 Acreage Game
December 19, 2017 Brennan Turner
With South American weather headlines subsiding, today’s Breakfast Brief looks at wheat acreage in 2018 and where wheat prices could go if dryness remains.
November 29: Here's Where Grain Prices Moved Wednesday
November 29, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
A light day of economic data fueled a lackluster day for soybean traders. However, corn and wheat prices saw some gains as bargain buyers stepped in and swooped up contracts. Here's your daily grain prices recap from the Chicago Board of Trade.
November 22: Soybean Prices Rebound Wednesday
November 22, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
December corn prices pushed higher from seasonal lows. Cold weather is also expected to sweep across the Midwest this week, pushing temperatures below 30 degrees.
September 26 - Grain Prices Dip as the U.S. Dollar Hits 2-Month High
September 26, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
The U.S. dollar has reached a two month high thanks to the Federal Reserve's statement on Tuesday. But with a strengthened dollar came weakened commodity prices.
September 25 - Wheat Prices Rally, Soybeans Slump
September 25, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Wheat prices made some gains while corn and soybean prices remained stagnant. The markets were unphased with the political turmoil happening globally.
Are You F***ing Kidding Me Russia?
September 22, 2017 Brennan Turner
Russia's rise to Global Wheat King has been nothing short of impressive...and they have a lot of room left to grow.
September 14 - Soybeans Surge as CPI Monthly Update is Released
September 14, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Soybean prices were able to rally despite frustrations with the ever declining U.S. dollar.
September 12 - Bearish WASDE Hits Soybean and Corn Prices
September 12, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
The USDA's WASDE report increased yield and production expectations for corn and soybeans. Prices were volatile in the first moments of the release.
September 11 - Wheat Prices Slump A Day Ahead of WASDE Report
September 11, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Wheat and soybean prices slumped today, just a day before the release of the WASDE report by the USDA. Only corn prices saw a slight uptick.
September 5 - Soybeans Surge after Allendale’s Bullish Call
September 05, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Soybean prices and wheat prices bounced back after the weekend despite there being a selloff in U.S. equity markets.
August 29 - Corn Prices Slide Again After USDA Failed To Deliver Bearish News
August 29, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
North Korea impacted the markets today because of its ballistic missile test. On top of that, markets are still recovering from the impacts of Hurricane Harvey.
August 28 - Wheat Prices Reverse Ahead of USDA Progress Report
August 28, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
The old crop is coming to a close and the analysis of the crop tour and prepared for the release of the crop progress and quality report from the USDA. The impacts of Hurricane Harvey were felt across the market.
August 24 - Corn Prices Flat after Latest Crop Tour Results
August 24, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
The annual crop tour has been completed. Now it's time to analyze the numbers and see just how accurate was the USDA's WASDE report.
August 9 - Grain Markets Rise Ahead of August WASDE Report
August 09, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
On Wednesday, the market saw increased corn prices in anticipation of the release of the WASDE report on Thursday. Wheat prices also increased due to expectations the USDA will reduce yield estimates.
August 8 - Spring Wheat Prices Rise, While Corn Slips
August 08, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
The anticipated WASDE report from the USDA will be released Thursday. And the markets reflected just that on Tuesday. Soybean prices saw a small uptick in price due to drought conditions forging onward. Corn prices dipped and wheat prices were across the board.
August 7 - Corn Prices Move Higher Ahead of USDA Crop Progress Report
August 07, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Drought conditions in the Northern Plaines region and parts of Iowa drove prices up for corn, soy, and wheat crops. The USDA crop progress report was also released on Monday.
August 3 - Rains Lead to Lower Corn and Soybean Prices
August 03, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Much needed rain fell this Thursday across the Midwest. And in other good news, bullish news for market prices was reported by Informa.
July 26 - Selloff Ends with Money Manager Buying
July 27, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Soybean and corn prices saw the first uptick of the week on Wednesday. However yield expectations, specifically in wheat, are still in focus. Crop prices saw a slight downturn due to the Federal Reserve holding interest rates in place. Many are concerned with where inflation is going.
July 19 - Corn Prices Rise as Temperatures Scorch Midwestern States
July 19, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Corn prices and soybean prices were buffered by the weakening U.S. dollar. Wheat prices continued to decrease due to the relentlessly hot, dry weather. When it comes to rebalancing trade, the Trump administration has a tricky battle on their hands.
July 17 - Corn Prices Fall on Weather Outlook
July 17, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
It wasn't a surprise China's economy grew faster than what analysts anticipated. Because of this news, Monday's markets were relatively flat. Grain prices experienced a decline as the hot weather starts to become an important factor.
July 11 - Corn Prices Dip, Soybean Prices Push Higher
July 11, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Tuesday's trading seemed to be focused on the weather factors. Corn prices ended up declining, but soybeans were able to make a comeback.
Getting Handcuffed (Or Why You Shouldn't Have Been)
June 26, 2017 Brennan Turner
Heading into the last week of June before traders take a breather over the July long weekend, markets are prepping for what will be a significant reporting week.
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