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February 21 - Soybean Prices Pop Again Wednesday
February 21, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Soybean prices ticked higher in Chicago thanks to a dry forecast across Argentina. But what happened with wheat prices today? Let's break it down in our daily grain trading recap.
February 15 - Canola Prices Limping Behind Soybean Prices
February 15, 2018 Brennan Turner
Grain markets this morning are mostly in the green again, although canola prices are being weighed down by the Canadian Loonie climbing back above 80 cents USD this morning.
January 10 - Grain Prices Weigh WASDE, Market Outlooks
January 10, 2018 Brennan Turner
Grain markets this morning are mixed as the complex continues to weigh pre-WASDE report guesstimates, namely those in the exports and ending stocks columns for US corn and soybeans.
GrainCents 2018 Market Outlook for Canola Prices
January 05, 2018 Brennan Turner
As we discussed in our 2017 review of canola prices and market structure last week, there were some good opportunities to cash in big time in canola. But 2017 is over and done with.
December 12 - Grain Production, Wheat Exports Catching a Break?
December 12, 2017 Brennan Turner
Today’s Breakfast Brief looks at some updated grain production numbers out from Europe and Australia, while wait for CONAB's update in Brazil and the USDA's new numbers from the world agricultural production supply and demand estimates (WASDE).
December 5 - It's A Tougher World for Wheat Prices, Exports
December 05, 2017 Brennan Turner
Today’s Breakfast Brief looks at wheat production declines in Australia, why soybean prices have a bull fighting a bear in South America, and how wheat trade is heating up.
November 17 - Weather Keeping Bulls Out of Grain Markets
November 17, 2017 Brennan Turner
Today we look at the impact that weather might have on grain markets over the next few months, namely that in South America. We also dig into any optimism for flax prices, in addition to some early expectations for 2018 American corn and soybean acres. 
November 6 - Grain Prices Nearing Bottom?
November 06, 2017 Brennan Turner
Will grain prices be impacted by this week’s November WASDE grain report? We look into several scenarios, fresh wheat demand, and bullish indicators for canola prices and soybean prices.
October 13 - Grain Bulls Come Out to Play
October 13, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Grain prices swelled again Friday as bullish sentiment could be felt around the trading floor and at terminals across Chicago. A round of positive export news complemented what was seen as a bullish WASDE report.
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