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Dec 2 – Peak Feed Barley Prices & Pork’s Long Road Back
December 02, 2019 Brennan Turner
As we flip into a new month looking at feed barley prices and pork prices, futures grain markets are mixed to start the month of December.
Nov 6 – Lentil Prices, Weather Forecasts, & Trade Deals
November 06, 2019 Brennan Turner
Grain markets this morning are mostly in the green, but trade flows are putting pressure on the likes of canola but supporting lentil prices
Oct 30 – Pork and Soybean Prices Watch One Other Closely
October 30, 2019 Brennan Turner
Grain markets are mixed this morning on fresh headlines of higher Chinese pork prices and ongoing Harvest 2019 delays.
Sept 18 - Will the African Swine Fever Ever Be Solved?
September 18, 2019 Brennan Turner
Grain markets this morning are mixed as African Swine fever, Harvest 2019 progress, and trade war talks dominate the headlines.
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