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September 25: Wheat Futures Retreat in Tuesday Trading
September 25, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Wheat futures contracts were in the red Tuesday as markets weighed global production numbers and the progress of the Winter Wheat Plant.
September 24: Wheat Prices Find Gains from Technical Buying
September 24, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Ongoing trade fears continued to weigh on soybean prices, while wheat prices found gains thanks to another round of technical buying. Both the U.S. and China ramped up their trade spat with a fresh round of tariffs on one another’s products.
August 15: Wheat Prices Crater as Geopolitical Tensions Rise
August 15, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Wheat prices sank again on Wednesday thanks to fresh geopolitical tensions and a sinking Turkish economy. Corn and soybeans also saw losses.
August 6: Wheat Prices Surge in Chicago
August 06, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Wheat prices rallied in Chicago thanks to falling crop conditions and news that Ukraine plans to limit milling wheat exports during the new marketing year.
August 1: Soybean Prices Fall Despite Record June Crush
August 01, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Soybean prices slumped in Chicago, despite a record June crush. Corn prices also fell as optimism about a trade resolution faded once again.
July 31: Soybean Prices Surge in Chicago
July 31, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Soybeans prices popped on reports that China and the United States are preparing to restart talks to “defuse” its ongoing trade spat.
July 30: Soybeans Find Gains on Monday Afternoon
July 30, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
U.S. soybean prices pushed higher in Chicago on Monday. Prices remain under pressure due to the trade battle between the U.S. and China.
July 26: Wheat Prices Retreat Around the United States
July 26, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Wheat prices retreated today after yesterday's gains. Corn prices and soybeans prices found modest gains thanks to bullish news from Europe.
July 23: Spring Wheat Prices Pop in Minneapolis
July 23, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Spring wheat prices pushed higher in Minneapolis ahead of today’s crop progress and quality report from the USDA.
July 16 - Wheat Prices Slump in Chicago
July 16, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Wheat prices fell across the country today. Corn prices were flat, but soybean prices found double-digit gains as bargain buyers moved in.
July 12: Wheat Prices Pop after July WASDE Report
July 12, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
The July WASDE report was released on Thursday. Wheat prices popped higher after the agency reported a yearly decline in global stocks.
Instant Reaction to the July WASDE Report
July 12, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
On Thursday, the USDA released the July WASDE report. We dive into the numbers and offer insight on what the markets are saying.
July 10 - Wheat Prices Take Incredible Punch in Chicago
July 10, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
A day after a brutal selloff in the soybean markets, wheat prices saw a huge slump in Chicago and Kansas City.
July 9: Soybean Prices Crash in Chicago
July 09, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Soybean prices dropped 2.5% Monday thanks to a sell-off sparked by the ongoing U.S.-China trade war. Corn and wheat prices also dropped.
July 3: Wheat Prices Claw Back Gains on Tuesday
July 03, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Wheat prices saw some gains on Tuesday as bargain buyers snapped up contacts in Chicago and Kansas City. Soybean prices slipped again.
May 2018 Durum Wheat Prices Recap
June 01, 2018 Brennan Turner
The outlook for durum was neutral this past month. GrainCents readers learned about falling Italian demand, and rising African demand for Canadian durum.
May 2018 Spring Wheat Prices Recap
June 01, 2018 Brennan Turner
Spring wheat prices pushed higher thanks to delays in planting, quality concerns, and questions about the weather heading into the summer.
March 2018 Spring Wheat Prices Recap
April 01, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
March was another tough month for spring wheat prices. Global competition and changes in buyer behavior are weighing on trader sentiment.
March 2018 Winter Wheat Prices Recap
April 01, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
It was a tough month of winter wheat prices as weather premiums evaporated and concerns about crop quality in the U.S. Plains began to abate.
March 13: Wheat Prices Dip Despite Quality Concerns
March 13, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
Today, we watched wheat traders largely ignore concerns about quality in the plains. Meanwhile, some bullish numbers in South America offered support to both corn prices and soybean prices.
March 5 - For Grain Markets, Trade Trumps Weather
March 05, 2018 Brennan Turner
Grain markets are cautiously mixed this morning as trade war talk is trumping a dissipating amount of bullish weather headlines.
January 31: GrainCents Winter Wheat Sales Position Update
January 31, 2018 Sarah Bader
This post serves as a timestamp on current GrainCents sales positions. Also included is our rationale for the GrainCents crop sales position.
2018 Grain Market Outlook with Naomi Blohm
January 05, 2018 Megan Perrero
FarmLead spoke with Senior Marketing Adviser Naomi Blohm to get her take on the grain market outlook for 2018 and how to be most successful.
January 2: Wheat Prices Pop from Winter Weather Snap
January 03, 2018 Garrett Baldwin
With more information flying at farmers than ever before, it’s difficult to get all of your insight in one place to help you make actionable decisions on your grain. That’s why FarmLead introduced GrainCents, a subscription service dedicated to telling farmers when to buy and hold their grain. 
December 27: Frozen Temperatures Lift Wheat Prices
December 27, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
The cold snap across the Midwest offers some support to wheat prices here today. The March SRW contract added 5.75 cents and closed the day at $4.28 per bushel. The May contract added 5.75 cents and closed a tick above $4.41.
December 18: Soybean Prices Slide as Rains Enter Forecast in South America
December 18, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Despite some bullish export numbers from the USDA, today's soybean trade was dominated by headlines out of Argentina. The January contract fell to a three-month low of $9.615 per bushel. The March 2018 contract shed 5.5 cents and closed at $9.725. 
Angie Setzer: Russia a Big Challenge to Grain Prices in 2018
December 06, 2017 Megan Perrero
As FarmLead expands its content channel in the weeks ahead, we will speak with thought leaders across the agricultural space to provide our readership unbiased access to read actionable insight. Following the Executive Women in Agriculture Conference in Chicago last week, I had a chance to catch up with Angie Setzer, Vice President of Grain for Citizens Elevator in Charlotte, Michigan.
December 5 - It's A Tougher World for Wheat Prices, Exports
December 05, 2017 Brennan Turner
Today’s Breakfast Brief looks at wheat production declines in Australia, why soybean prices have a bull fighting a bear in South America, and how wheat trade is heating up.
December 4 - Understanding StatsCan, Grain Markets Methodologies
December 04, 2017 Brennan Turner
Today’s Breakfast Brief looks into what StatsCan will say about Canadian grain production on Wednesday, how wheat crops around the world are looking, and if selling cash corn and soybeans today is a good idea.
Does Egypt Really Matter in Wheat Markets?
October 31, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
For the 2017/18 calendar, the FAO projects that Egypt will import 11.7 million to 12 million tonnes of wheat, a figure that is about 9% higher than its five-year import average. No other country will likely break the 10-million tonne mark this year. This is where we get to the point about why you should care.
The Rise of Ukraine's Wheat Crop (And Its Exports)
October 17, 2017 Brennan Turner
Ukraine will produce over 26.5 million tonnes of wheat in 2017/18. More than two-thirds of it will get exported. In the past 20 years, only Russia has seen a stronger export program than Ukraine wheat.
September 26 - Grain Prices Dip as the U.S. Dollar Hits 2-Month High
September 26, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
The U.S. dollar has reached a two month high thanks to the Federal Reserve's statement on Tuesday. But with a strengthened dollar came weakened commodity prices.
September 25 - Wheat Prices Rally, Soybeans Slump
September 25, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Wheat prices made some gains while corn and soybean prices remained stagnant. The markets were unphased with the political turmoil happening globally.
Are You F***ing Kidding Me Russia?
September 22, 2017 Brennan Turner
Russia's rise to Global Wheat King has been nothing short of impressive...and they have a lot of room left to grow.
September 21 - Corn and Soybeans Flat on Thursday
September 21, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Commodity prices were relatively flat today when compared to yesterday. Again, the focus has shifted to the weather.
Grain Markets Today: Corn and Wheat Prices Push Higher (September 20)
September 20, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Wheat, corn, and soybean prices finally saw an increase today. Trader's focus has turned from the reports to the weather.
September 15 - Will Corn React to La Nina Threat?
September 15, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
September contracts expired today, the CBOE Volatility Index declined, and tensions are rising with North Korea and the U.S. dollar.
September 14 - Soybeans Surge as CPI Monthly Update is Released
September 14, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Soybean prices were able to rally despite frustrations with the ever declining U.S. dollar.
September 12 - Bearish WASDE Hits Soybean and Corn Prices
September 12, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
The USDA's WASDE report increased yield and production expectations for corn and soybeans. Prices were volatile in the first moments of the release.
September 11 - Wheat Prices Slump A Day Ahead of WASDE Report
September 11, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Wheat and soybean prices slumped today, just a day before the release of the WASDE report by the USDA. Only corn prices saw a slight uptick.
September 7 - Corn and Soy Markets Retreat In Anticipation of Bullish WASDE
September 07, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Markets are preparing for the USDA's release of the September WASDE report. Despite promises of there being bullish news, prices dropped today.
September 6 - Prices Push Higher at Chicago Board of Trade
September 06, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
All grain prices saw an uptick today. This comes a day after the USDA released its weekly crop progress report.
September 5 - Soybeans Surge after Allendale’s Bullish Call
September 05, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Soybean prices and wheat prices bounced back after the weekend despite there being a selloff in U.S. equity markets.
August 29 - Corn Prices Slide Again After USDA Failed To Deliver Bearish News
August 29, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
North Korea impacted the markets today because of its ballistic missile test. On top of that, markets are still recovering from the impacts of Hurricane Harvey.
August 28 - Wheat Prices Reverse Ahead of USDA Progress Report
August 28, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
The old crop is coming to a close and the analysis of the crop tour and prepared for the release of the crop progress and quality report from the USDA. The impacts of Hurricane Harvey were felt across the market.
August 24 - Corn Prices Flat after Latest Crop Tour Results
August 24, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
The annual crop tour has been completed. Now it's time to analyze the numbers and see just how accurate was the USDA's WASDE report.
August 22 - Stronger Dollar Pressures Grain Prices
August 22, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
A strong U.S. dollar weakened grain prices today. Much of the market's attention is on the upcoming conference hosted by the Federal Reserve. People are hoping for some support in the falling wheat prices.
August 21 - Spring Wheat Prices Drop Double Digits
August 21, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Grain prices finished in the red today. Corn and soybean scouting began on Monday.
August 16 - Soybean Prices Tick Higher, Exports in Focus
August 16, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Focus turned to the release of minutes from the July meeting with the Federal Reserve. The bank can't decide if they want to raise interest rates again. They're also worried about inflation. Despite promises of improved crop conditions, for some the rain came too late.
August 14 - Spring Wheat Continue to Decline
August 14, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Soybean and wheat prices fell once again today. This time, probably from bearish news regarding wet weather forecasts coming into play. The USDA also released its weekly crop progress report.
August 11 - Spring Wheat Falls Under $7.00
August 11, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Wheat prices dipped again after higher quality wheat came out of the fields. Tensions between North Korea and the U.S. are being felt at crop prices. The WASDE report released yesterday sent the market into a selloff. Corn and soybean prices were able to jump back a bit from this.
August 10 - Soybean Prices Crater After WASDE Report
August 10, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
The USDA's WASDE report released Thursday sent corn, soy, and wheat prices into a downfall. The report estimated a downtick in corn yields and an uptick in soy yields.
August 9 - Grain Markets Rise Ahead of August WASDE Report
August 09, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
On Wednesday, the market saw increased corn prices in anticipation of the release of the WASDE report on Thursday. Wheat prices also increased due to expectations the USDA will reduce yield estimates.
August 8 - Spring Wheat Prices Rise, While Corn Slips
August 08, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
The anticipated WASDE report from the USDA will be released Thursday. And the markets reflected just that on Tuesday. Soybean prices saw a small uptick in price due to drought conditions forging onward. Corn prices dipped and wheat prices were across the board.
August 7 - Corn Prices Move Higher Ahead of USDA Crop Progress Report
August 07, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Drought conditions in the Northern Plaines region and parts of Iowa drove prices up for corn, soy, and wheat crops. The USDA crop progress report was also released on Monday.
July 31 - Grain Prices Dip in Preparation Of USDA Crop Progress Report
July 31, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Soybean, wheat and corn prices all dipped on Monday as the market waits for the USDA's crop progress report. On the international front, all eyes were on Egypt as they discuss their import expectations.
July 29 - July Corn and Wheat Prices In Review
July 29, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
A review of July included abnormal hot and dry weather, along with dipped canola and corn prices. Wheat experienced a volatile month of prices while soybean and oats prices started to climb.
July 27 - Grain Prices Rally on Quality and Yield Concerns
July 27, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Expectations from the USDA on yield esetimates influenced the market today. Corn and soybean prices were able to push higher. The focus for wheat, however was not on prices. Rather, everyone's attention was on the dry weather conditions and the poor quality of the crop.
July 25 - Weather Sinks Corn Prices Again
July 25, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Crop conditions fell again last week, so crop prices saw a steep downturn in prices on Tuesday. But even with this news, attention is still turned to the releases of the August WASDE report from the USDA.
July 24 - Corn Prices Fall as Weather Cools Down
July 24, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
The rains finally came this past weekend and the grain prices were feeling this relief on Monday. A huge fund selling campaign took place Monday as well. This was just before the USDA reported lower crop conditions.
July 20 - Weather Stress Pushes Corn Prices and Soy Prices Higher
July 20, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
The weaker U.S. dollar continued to push corn prices higher while investors wait for next week's Federal Reserve meeting. Not many people expect the reserve to increase interest rates. Instead, people are anxious about inflation and a possible rate increase in December.
July 19 - Corn Prices Rise as Temperatures Scorch Midwestern States
July 19, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Corn prices and soybean prices were buffered by the weakening U.S. dollar. Wheat prices continued to decrease due to the relentlessly hot, dry weather. When it comes to rebalancing trade, the Trump administration has a tricky battle on their hands.
July 17 - Corn Prices Fall on Weather Outlook
July 17, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
It wasn't a surprise China's economy grew faster than what analysts anticipated. Because of this news, Monday's markets were relatively flat. Grain prices experienced a decline as the hot weather starts to become an important factor.
July 14 - Corn Prices Bounce Back on Weaker U.S. Dollar
July 14, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
The U.S. dollar has hit its 10-month low. Good news for the markets though, as corn prices were able to push ahead. That's because a weaker U.S. dollar can benefit the exporting industries in agriculture from an increased demand.
July 13 - Crop Prices Hit By Another Selloff
July 13, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
The wet weather around the country effected market prices on Thursday. Corn, soy, and wheat prices all fell on the day after consistent momentum from earlier in the week.
July 12 - Corn Prices Slump After USDA Crop Report
July 12, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
The July WASDE report has already negatively impacted corn prices for Wednesday. Soybean and wheat prices didn't escape unscathed either. The USDA tore the market's attention away from the weather and towards the WASDE report.
July 11 - Corn Prices Dip, Soybean Prices Push Higher
July 11, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Tuesday's trading seemed to be focused on the weather factors. Corn prices ended up declining, but soybeans were able to make a comeback.
Grain Markets Today - July 6, 2017
July 06, 2017 Garrett Baldwin
Corn prices had their first decline in five sessions on Thursday. The USDA downgraded soybean crop conditions, causing prices to climb higher. Wheat prices saw a decrease similar to corn.
May 31 - Volatile Parades
May 31, 2016 Brennan Turner
Today's Breakfast Brief looks at the lack of weather premium in wheat, the hope for Mother Nature to turn off the rain, and whether or not you should be managing some risk of your grain prices.
April 19 - Making Big Bets
April 19, 2016 Brennan Turner
In today's Breakfast Brief, we look at oil's impact on grain prices, wheat production in Europe, and where soybean prices are heading. 
March 16 - Waiting To Lose?
March 16, 2016 Brennan Turner
In today's Breakfast Brief, we question those who are waiting for the US winter wheat crop to "lose" and, accordingly, reviewing if you have a grain sales plan (unlike the Egyptian government). 
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