AAFC says durum prices are likely to go higher because of record exports & thus, tighter stocks
Sept 28 – AAFC Gets Bearish on Canola, Bullish Durum

Grain markets this morning are mixed, but seem to be leveling out, as we look into AAFC updated supply & demand tables, as well as vegetable oil fundamentals.

Lentil prices and ending stocks August 2020 estimate from AAFC
Sept. 2 – Sideways Lentil Prices in a Rare August for Grain Markets

Grain markets are mostly red this morning as the complex takes a breather from the bullish finish to August (a month that lentil prices moved sideways).

Canada flax prices and stocks AAFC August 2020 estimate
Aug 28 – Flax Prices Hold Strong as Oilseeds Rally

Grain markets are mixed but the oilseeds complex continues to push higher, helping everything from flax prices to soy oil and soybeans.

AAFC estimate of chickpea prices and ending stocks as of August 2020
Aug. 26 – Chickpea Prices, Weather, & Canola Crush all Positive?

Grain markets are mixed on export sales & some hot weather in the Midwest, while chickpea prices & other non-futures crops are softening with Harvest 2020 accelerating

Canada pea prices and ending stocks July 2020 estimate from AAFC
Aug 17 – Settling Pea Prices & Crop Tour Pushes Forward

Grain markets this morning are all green as the complex focuses on this week’s crop tour, while harvest progress weighs on the likes of pea prices. “There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a

Canola prices forecast from AAFC's July 2020 estimate
July 20 – Why Are Soybean, Canola Prices Feeling a Little Bullish?

Grain markets this mixed with soybean and canola prices leading the oilseeds higher while corn and wheat start the week lower.