Going into the US Presidential election, Trafalgar Group suggests Trump will be re-elected
Oct. 28 – US Presidential Election Nears, Grain Markets Sell-Off Starts

Grain markets are all red, as are all other outside markets, as volatility builds into Tuesday’s US Presidential Election, prompting profit-taking & moves to the sideline.

Average kabuli chickpea prices in Saskatchewan through October 21, 2020
Oct. 23 – Idle Chickpea Prices & China Fueling Corn Prices

: Grain markets are all over the place this morning (sort of like flax and chickpea prices!), with a lot of buzz about La Nina for wheat prices & China driving corn prices higher.

Canadian 2020/21 weekly non-durum wheat exports through Week 4
Sept. 4 – Corn, Wheat Exports Bonanza to start 2020/21

Grain markets this morning are higher, rebounding from yesterday’s down day, despite some strong corn and wheat exports sales data.

2019/20 cumulative US corn exports through Week 44
July 15 – US Corn Exports Get Boost, But Rains Prevail

Grain markets are mostly higher this morning and, despite record US corn exports buying by China, rain events are putting corn prices in the red.

June 17 – Corn Prices Optimism, Pessimism in Canola Prices?

Grain markets this morning are mostly in the red as better weather is nullifying corn prices reaction to the USDA’s lower crop ratings.

June 8 – Wheat Exports Musical Chairs & Identifying Corn Demand

Grain markets this morning are mostly green as currency effects and higher oil prices have supported more wheat exports and slightly stronger corn demand