Cash durum prices for spot movement in Western Canada through March 17, 2020
Mar 18 – Will Durum Prices be the First to Rebound?

Grain markets are mostly green this morning as we start to contemplate what commodities – such as durum prices – could provide light on when the rebound happens.

Front-month contract grain prices futures weekly performance through March 13, 2020
Mar 16 – Grain Prices Continue Slide (with Everything Else)

Grain prices are in the red, alongside pretty much all other commodities and equities, as we start the week much like last Monday: extremely volatile.

U.S. weekly soybean exports through Week 27
Mar 13 – Grain Markets, Equities Rout, and if its Irrational

Grain markets this morning are mostly in the green alongside equity markets after yesterday’s major sell-off in global markets.

Yellow pea prices in western Canadian cash markets are trending slightly higher through Mar 6, 2020
Mar 9 – Pea Prices, Oil Prices, and Volatility Indicators

While we’re looking into pulses and pea prices today, grain markets are all down hard alongside outside markets as the coronavirus continues to dominate headlines. Put

The 2021 Argentina soybean harvest is likely to be smaller due to higher export taxes
Mar 6 – Wheat vs Soybean Harvest & Sick Monetary Policy

Grain markets are mostly in the red as broader markets remain concerned about trade amidst some big wheat and soybean harvest data.

Saskatchewan cash oats prices through February 2020
Mar 4 – What Oats Prices Know and Australia’s Wheat Harvest

Grain markets this morning are mixed (but oats prices are in the green – what do they know other wanting to rebound from their recent pullback?) as general uncertainty remain in the markets.

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