The supply chain for U.S. HRS wheat remains strong with cumulative exports tracking 8.3% higher year-over-year
Mar 27 – Is Our Supply Chain at Risk of Default?

Grain markets this morning are in the green as demand from the supply chain for essential foodstuffs remains strong.

May 17 – Grain Markets Divided on Rains

Grain markets this morning are in the green as the complex tries to rebound from what as a down day for most crops.

January 18 – Hitting the Reset Button on Grain Sales

Grain markets this morning are mixed again, with corn giving up some of yesterday's losses while wheat tries to extend their gains. Canola prices are up on some political factors in Europe that we need to dig in to.

January 17 – Grain Markets Looking to Demand, South America

Grain markets this morning are quietly mixed again, with oilseeds lower and wheat recovering some of its losses from the past few days as weather premium and export hopes pick up.

December 22 – Getting Thin at Christmas?

Grain prices are trading quite thin as we head into the lull of Christmas markets. Today though we go through another pulse import tax from India, what we're watching in canola, and more rains in South America.

December 18 – Grain Markets Looking for Christmas Cheer

Today’s Breakfast Brief looks at grain markets (and hedge fund managers) reacting to new South American weather forecasts and stronger US grain exports. We also showcase some updated GrainCents content and sales recommendations.