What We Stand For

Build Trust

Agriculture is the only industry in the world where professional and personal networks overlap every day. We believe that supporting generational relationships in the digital age strengthens not only that connection, but also the agricultural community as a whole

Improve Transparency

While futures markets do provide some level of price transparency, the cash market can be very different. Plus there are literally dozens of crops that don’t have a futures market to benchmark off of. FarmLead works to bring price and deal transparency to farmers and buyers alike.

Realize Efficiencies

Our goal is to use digital technology to help improve the lives of those in agriculture by making daily tasks more efficient and providing relevant information to help you with big decisions.

Our Mission

FarmLead aims to make the cash trade of agricultural commodities – namely grain, oilseeds, pulses, and hay – easier in the digital age. Its award-winning Combyne Marketplace allows farmers and buyers alike to easily share the deals they’re looking to do, see who they’re dealing with upfront, build their trusted trading networks, and reduce the monotonous and time-intensive burden of prospecting, negotiating, and closing deals.

Company History


FarmLead Marketplace Conception

In 2014, Brennan Turner and Alain Goubau had a goal to help farmers be more confident in their grain marketing. Having grown up on Canadian farms, they wanted to empower farmers and give them more options to sell their grain, in addition to being pioneers in making digital cash grain trade possible.


FarmLead Marketplace Expands

Their vision grows outside of Canada and into the U.S.,  providing the de facto online and mobile meeting place for credit-verified  buyers and farmers of more than 100 different crops. Farmers and grain buyers of all shapes and sizes use FarmLead to help them gain insights into what the cash grain markets are doing and, ultimately, find better deals.


The Evolution of Combyne

After more than $2 Billion USD of grain is successfully negotiated through its original cash grain marketplace platform, FarmLead launches Combyne, a completely open and free marketplace. In truly living their mission of making cash trade of agricultural commodities easier, FarmLead removes anonymity and transaction fees in their marketplace evolution to Combyne.


Brennan Turner in a corn field

Brennan Turner, CEO

Brennan grew up around his family of farmers in Saskatchewan, constantly wanting to be in a tractor cab or hanging out at his dad’s crop inputs company, Turner Fertilizer. After earning a degree in Economics from Yale University, Brennan had a short stint in professional hockey and then on Wall Street, where he focused on commodity trade. Realizing he missed the smell of freshly-turned dirt and the pleasantry of a rural community, Brennan returned to Saskatchewan and his farming roots to solve the problem of grain marketing in the digital age, which ultimately came in the form of FarmLead. In 2017, Brennan was named to Fast Company’s List of Most Creative People in Business and, in 2018, a Henry Crown Fellow as part of the Aspen Institute. 

Brennan believes that every farmer and/or agricultural entity has a story to tell and he’s proud to share those, be it in his conversations with consumers, on stages where he discusses his two passions, technology and agriculture, or in his grain markets and AgTech commentary regularly featured by the likes of Reuters and Bloomberg, and small-town newspapers across North America.

Alain Goubau on the farm

Alain Goubau, COO

Alain grew up on a dairy and cash crop farm in Eastern Ontario, learning the value of hard work and the importance of teamwork. After earning a Chemical Engineering degree from McGill, Alain spent a number of years working for Air Liquide building chemical plants in France, South Africa, and China. Alain then went on to earn his law degree from Harvard Law School and co-founding Altaeros, an aerospace company based in Boston, MA. Alain then spent 3 years with McKinsey & Company, working almost exclusively with agriculture clients across the agri-business value chain. As convenient as it is that his initials gave him the nickname “Mr. AG”, Alain is a widely-recognized thought leader in all things agricultural supply chains, sustainability, and project management.

Valued Partners & Investors

FarmLead has benefited from the generous expertise and financial backing of some agriculture’s greatest champions, as well as those just starting their journey in the AgTech space. Every Combyne user is also a partner of ours, as farmers and buyers alike help shape our tools, share in our values, and surface their sustainable practices to the everyday consumer.