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Frequently Asked Questions

FarmLead is an online grain marketplace that allows buyers and sellers to list, negotiate and finalize grain deals.

FarmLead eliminates middlemen and over-the-phone haggling, extends market reach and provides price transparency.

To register on the FarmLead Marketplace, provide an email address, telephone number and a password.

It’s 100% free to register, browse, post and negotiate on grain deals on the FarmLead Marketplace.

Registering, browsing, posting and negotiating grain deals on the FarmLead Marketplace is 100% free.

Buyers and Sellers on the FarmLead Marketplace only pay when a deal is finalized. Both the Buyer and Seller pay $1/MT for the first 80 MT and $0.25/MT for every MT thereafter.

Posting an Offer on the FarmLead marketplace requires details about your grain, quality, price, quantity, freight and delivery terms. After clicking ‘Post’ your offer will be live and visible to hundreds of buyers.

Any negotiation on FarmLead is directly between buyer and seller. Negotiations include price, quantity, movement period, payment terms and specific grain deal questions.

In order to complete a grain deal, both the Buyer and the Seller must agree to the negotiated terms.

Once agreed upon, both parties are billed for the connection fee and contact information is exchanged.

All negotiations on FarmLead are 100% anonymous. No personal information is disclosed until a deal has been reached. FarmLead verifies every grain buyer. We run a credit analysis and ensure that buyers are bonded so that they can pay for grain on FarmLead.

Grain sellers can secure optional credit insurance through the MarketPower Assurance credit insurance program. FarmLead verifies every grain buyer. We run a credit analysis and ensure that buyers are bonded so that they can pay for grain on FarmLead.

FarmLead is not a broker, trader, buyer or seller of grain. FarmLead does not handle, sell or buy grain. FarmLead is not involved in grain deal negotiations. Negotiation is directly between the buyer and the seller.

FarmLead is based in Chicago, Illinois and Ottawa, Ontario. Customer Support representatives are located throughout the United States and Canada.

Basis FAQ

FarmLead’s new Basis Negotiation feature enables buyers and sellers to trade grain through basis contracts. 

Sellers benefit from the increased price transparency and knowledge of changes in the cash and basis markets. Giving both the basis and cash contract options, along with current option to negotiate different delivery periods will help farmers optimize their grain marketing plan.

The new feature benefits grain buyers by enabling them to set a cash price by adjusting their basis against a commodity’s futures price. Buyers no longer have to worry about the impact of their cash bid being ‘out of the market’ when the futures markets move up or down. By setting their basis on the FarmLead platform, their cash price will update automatically as grain futures values change. Further, buyers can decide between doing a cash contract or a basis contract with grain sellers.