Recorded Tutorial

How to Chat and Negotiate

Learn how to chat and negotiate with a counterparty by using the Negotiation Room.

Video Transcript

I am going to show you how to chat and negotiate using the FarmLead Negotiation Room.

With the Negotiation Room, you can send and receive messages to clarify or finalize a deal. All messages are anonymous to protect your personal information.

Let’s start by explaining how to send a message. Let’s say you’re browsing the Marketplace and find a Wanted bid that interests you. Once you click an offer, you will see the details of the offer on the left. On the right side of the page, you will find the Negotiation Room.

In the chat box, you can write out your message or question for the buyer. Not sure what to say? A good starting point is saying “Hi” and asking if they are still looking for what’s in their bid! Once you type the message just hit send.

Let’s now show you how it works when you receive a message. If you have posted grain for sale, Buyers will start sending you messages. This is great news!

You will receive messages within the “My Grain Deals” section, via an email and/or a push notification if you have the mobile app installed.

To respond to a message from a buyer on your offer click My Grain Deals in the top navigation bar. On the right side the new messages will appear as an Alert. You will also receive a notification via email, SMS text, or through the app on your mobile device, depending on your preferences. Click the link in the notification and it will take you straight to the message you need to respond to

On FarmLead, you can easily manage multiple conversations with buyers. You can see all of your ongoing negotiations under “Open Negotiations” within My Grain Deals. Each buyer that you chat with will appear as a separate item in Open Negotiations.  

You are now ready to start chatting with Buyers on FarmLead.

Still have questions? Reach out to us, we are happy to help you!