Recorded Tutorial

How to Complete a Deal

Learn how to finalize a deal with a Buyer on the FarmLead Marketplace.

Video Transcript

Ready to make a deal? After you’ve chatted with a potential buyer and feel you’re ready to enter into a binding agreement, it’s time to make a Formal Offer.

From My Grain Deals, open negotiations to select the offer number.

On the right side of the page is the Negotiation Room, click “Make a Formal Offer”. Based off of the discussions you had with the Buyer, enter the appropriate details and select “Make Formal Offer.”

Note that at any point, a buyer can also make a formal bid to you as well.

If you make a Formal Offer, this means that you agree to be bound to the terms proposed, should the buyer accept your offer.

Similarly, if you accept a Formal Bid made to you, you agree to the terms being proposed. The deal is binding.

Once an offer has been accepted, contact information between yourself and the buyer is exchanged. The final offer becomes the terms of the deal.

The Buyer is responsible for reaching out to the seller to coordinate movement and loading times based on the terms agreed to during the negotiation.

When you successfully sell on FarmLead, you will pay a small connection fee. This only happens after a deal has been successfully completed.

The connection fee is paid to FarmLead by both the Buyer and the Seller. Both parties are charged the FarmLead Connection Fee of 1 cent per bushel.

Payment of the FarmLead Connection Fee can be made online.  

To pay your connection fee online click “My Grain Deals” in the navigation bar. Select the “Payments” section. Here you will see a listing of all the Connection Fee payments you have yet to make. You will also be able to see any payments you have previously made in the “Ledger” tab. Select Checkout on your Offer. Proceed through the online checkout to pay your Connection Fee.

You are now ready to complete deals on FarmLead.

Still have questions? Reach out to us, we are happy to help you!