Recorded Tutorial

How to Post a Firm Offer

Learn how to post a Firm Offer. A Firm Offer allows users to buy a commodity at a set price instantly.

Video Transcript

I am going to show you how to post a Firm Offer on the FarmLead Marketplace. 

A Firm Offer allows users to buy a commodity at a set price instantly.

Use a Firm Offer if you know exactly the terms you want and want to sell your commodity immediately with limited negotiation.

Keep in mind a firm offer is good for 72 hours only.  

To begin, select “Post”

Let’s say you have some corn to sell. You will want to post a “For Sale” type of offer. Specify which grain you are selling by typing corn or select it from the drop-down menu. Now you can enter the rest of the commodity details, including Grade, Specialty Crop characteristics, and Crop Year. 

Next, you will specify the movement details including Freight information, Movement Year and Movement period. 

On the Pricing Details page, you can choose the currency and units. Then you can choose the Contract Type and enter the Quantity and Asking Price. Asking Prices within 5-8% of the local market tend to get the most responses. 

After you enter your Asking Price you will be able to see an Estimated Total Deal Value.

Specs include uploading pictures or adding additional information to your offer. A few useful examples could be pictures of a sample, a load ticket, PDFs of any test results, as well as any additional comments about your commodity’s quality. 

A great way to avoid spending time answering questions about quality is to upload a spec sheet or test result in this section. Being upfront about the quality of your commodity is important in finding a buyer. 

Lastly, we have the Summary section where you can preview your offer and adjust the “Offer Valid For” period. This is the time period during which your posting will remain on the Marketplace. If you would like it to automatically repost, keep the checkbox selected. 

When you are happy with your offer, click Post Offer to instantly list your commodity on the Marketplace. If there are any active bids matching your posting, they will be displayed for you immediately after posting. 

Now you are ready to start posting your offers on the FarmLead Marketplace. Still have questions? Reach out to us; we are happy to help you!