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FarmLead Unveils Canadian Grain Testing Platform

FarmLead, North America’s fastest growing grain marketplace, has launched, the latest tool to help farmers find the best price for their grain. is a new online tool that provides farmers and buyers access to grain testing centers across North America. The platform provides around-the-clock access, seven days per week and ensures that users obtain the lowest price for grain testing across different regions. Customers can order tests from world-class labs like SGS, Intertek, Biovision, and 20/20 Seed Labs in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec.

FarmLead will be announcing locations across the United States in the coming weeks.

“GrainTests is FarmLead’s latest effort to ensure that farmers can maximize the revenue potential of their grain,” said FarmLead CEO Brennan Turner. “When it comes to grain trade, nothing impacts the delivered price of your grain more than quality. That’s why we are delighted to provide the same easy access to the best-in-class grain testing services as the largest commercial operators in North America.”

The digital tool comes at a challenging time for North American farmers, particularly for small cereal commodities like wheat. Drought conditions across the areas of Canada and the US have led to high variability in crop volume and quality. For example, buyers of spring wheat are seeking high-quality milling characteristics like protein and falling number and are willing to pay a significant premium for grain. Sellers who don’t know these numbers will miss out on the opportunity to get the best possible price for their grain.

“In tight markets, when the supply of high-quality grain remains limited, buyers are looking to do more business with independent producers,” said Turner. “However, many deals never get off the ground because farmers don’t know they’re quality up front. gives every farmer the tool to immediately improve their ability to market their grain. If you don’t know your grain’s quality, do you know what it’s really worth?” complements the broader business objectives of FarmLead, a digital marketplace that offers farmers the opportunity to engage in grain marketing online or from mobile devices. Grains buyers and sellers can list, negotiate and finalize grain deals directly with one another. Using FarmLead increases market reach, allows users to trade at anytime from anywhere, and reduces brokerage fees.

Farmers can order tests from and send their grain samples to any or all of the labs on  The fees are outlined for each lab, and orders can be booked any time, day or night.

After producers submit their samples for testing, they’ll be emailed their results and will have the option to post their grain with all quality information on FarmLead and deal directly with nearly 500 financially verified buyers across North America.

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