The fact that women are contributing to the farm isn’t new. What’s new is how we value that contribution.

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Women in Ag

Getting the Fair Treatment You Deserve

When you hear the word farmer, it’s not likely that an image of a woman comes to mind. But maybe it should because according to the 2012 Census of Agriculture there are 969,672 women farmers in the US. This contingent of nearly a million women represents 30% of all American farmers. Together, they farm 300 million acres, and their impact on the economy is $13 billion. Women represent 14% of all principal farm operators and 67% of all secondary operators; however, 90% of the female secondary operators are spouses of the primary operator.

Despite the undeniable advances that women have made, farming is still largely a man’s world. Female farm operators are often asked, “Where’s your husband?”, when it comes time to negotiate for a new piece of machinery or the sale of a crop. Or they may find that when they’re dealing with a vendor, he also copies her husband on the emails or texts when he would never have copied her on e-mails to her husband.

Women in Ag have unique challenges that sometimes put them at a disadvantage. To learn more, download the report, Women in Ag: Getting the Fair Treatment You Deserve.

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