Tap into the brightest minds in agriculture to help propel your cash grain marketing to the next level.

Making sense of the grain markets, so you can make more cents per bushel.

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What is it?
Tap into agriculture's brightest minds

GrainCents is a paid subscription service that offers deep insights into the major (and minor) factors impacting grain prices.

Tap into agriculture’s brightest minds and boost your grain marketing through timely, actionable recommendations to help you capture the best price possible for your crops.

GrainCents removes the uncertainty of grain prices by offering direct sell recommendations based on local and global factors. Pricing and crop package information can be found here. All plans include a 21-day noncommittal period.

You don’t need to be a FarmLead user to purchase a GrainCents subscription. Currently, GrainCents and FarmLead accounts use separate login credentials.

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High Value Propositions
Hold or Sell?
Get actionable recommendations to eliminate your time crunch, streamline day-to-day decision making, and improve your grain marketing and negotiating.
Insight on Your Crops
Only pay and receive information for the specific crops you grow and care about. Receive a deep dive on all supply/demand factors that too many analysts fail to cover.
Get the Best Price
Get greater price transparency in local and national grain prices in crops with insight from farmers on the ground.
Best Bang for Your Buck
GrainCents dives deeper into single crop categories at a better price than competitors.

Make the Right Decisions, Make More Money.

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Many organizations trust FarmLead's grain markets commentary.

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