Combyne will continue to be free to use as it is. Though we are not 100% decided on the details of this, we may add some premium features within the next year. These features will be unlocked with a premium account with a monthly fee, however the current features on Combyne will continue to be free and you will not be required to have a paid version of the app.

It costs absolutely nothing. Yupp, you heard that right. We don’t charge monthly fees or transaction fees on the Combyne Marketplace. We are an investor funded tool working to bring you a solution that you’ll love.

This is entirely up to you to decide! We’re big believers in letting Combyne members own their own data. When you post a listing, you get to choose exactly who sees it once you get to the Listing Visibility step. These are your options:

  • Post Publicly for the entire platform to see.
  • Post to My Network so only your connections will see your listing
  • Post to Specific Roles so that only certain user types will be able to see your listing. ie. “Only allow Grain Producers to see my listing”
  • Post to Specific Groups. These are groups of your own connections that you can create and organize however you want. You can then choose which of your Groups is able to see your listing.

You can even share your listings with existing trading partners who aren’t on Combyne by sending them a special Share link.

Before you start a chat or tap “Connect” to add a buyer to your network, you should be able to see which company that buyer works for and if they’re a credit-verified buyer or not. While we don’t know who you’ve had long-standing trading relationships with, and/or that we don’t want to limit who you can sell grain to, all buyers have the option to showcase who they’re bonded or licensed by, and to earn their blue credit-verified checkmark through our proprietary, quantitative risk assessment algorithm (powered by Dun & Bradstreet). For those buyers who are verified, bonded, or licensed, you’ll see this on both their individual Profile, as well as their Business Page.

Farmers and buyers of all sizes and crop types are actively using Combyne to augment their existing personal trading relationships, in addition to building new ones. Farmers as small as a couple hundred acres to over 100,000 acres are using Combyne to showcase their agricultural production to both their trusted trading partners and potentially new ones. On the flipside, buyers range from individual livestock producers needing feed grains and hay, to exporters, processors, flour millers, and oilseed crushers run by some of the biggest agricultural companies in the world. Although Combyne is built as a business-to-business (B2B) marketplace, the focus on person-to-person, trust-based relationships is what continues to growth on the tool.

Combyne is FarmLead’s next-generation agricultural marketplace that combines the ability to List, negotiate, and close deals with current trading partners, in addition to new ones. On Combyne, you can conveniently grow your network of trusted trading partners, called Connections, in addition to inviting the local people you already do business with. Further, on Combyne, you can decide to list Offers to sell grain or Bids to buy grain publicly for everyone to see and engage on, or privately, to just your network of Connections. On Combyne, all conversations between two trading partners are kept just between them and separate from any other negotiations. The bottom line is that, when it comes to prospecting and negotiating grain, oilseed, pulse crop, or hay deals, there is no more widely-used tool in the world than Combyne.

FarmLead Marketplace

Combyne is fundamentally different from the old FarmLead Marketplace in 3 distinct ways:

1. Whereas the FarmLead Marketplace was anonymous, on Combyne, you can see who’s behind every deal and you can engage with them via chat or phonecall directly from the mobile app.

2. On the FarmLead Marketplace, farmers and buyers were each charged 1¢/bushel for their completed transactions, but that’s not the case whatsoever on Combyne. In our next-generation Combyne Marketplace, there are ZERO transaction fees and NO listing or subscription fees. The FarmLead team decided to go away with all transaction fees as it became an obstacle to our mission of making trade easier, plus, why would you pay us to do business with somebody you already do business with?

3. On Combyne, you decide who sees your Listings, whereas on the FarmLead Marketplace, all deals were public knowledge. Combyne allows you to decide if you want to list your Bid to buy grain or Offer to sell grain on the public Marketplace, or list it privately, so that only your trusted trading partners (Connections) can see and engage on it.

After nearly 5 years and over $2 Billion USD of grain successfully negotiated through the FarmLead Marketplace, FarmLead launched Combyne, their next-generation cash grain and hay marketplace. As FarmLead users moved over to do more and more business on Combyne, the FarmLead Marketplace product was discontinued in April 2020.

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