Data Use Policy

Welcome to FarmLead! (“Combyne” or “Platform”) is an online platform dedicated to agriculture. Combyne brings together agriculture industry participants of various types, including, but not limited to farmers, brokers, traders, merchandisers and end-users, transporters, and various service providers. Through Combyne, people can manage their network of various relationships within the agricultural commerce cycle, as well as find products and services related to the agriculture industry.

FarmLead Resources Ltd. (“FarmLead”, “us”, “we”, “our”, “Company”) owns and operates and, as well as the web pages and services located therein (collectively, the “Websites”), including the Combyne mobile application found on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store (collectively, the “Apps”).

This Data Use Policy establishes the terms by which Data (as defined below) is collected and shared with FarmLead Resources Ltd. (FarmLead) and with other users who use the Websites, Apps, and any and all products and services offered by FarmLead via Combyne (collectively, the “Services”).

FarmLead’s Services are built upon the following four core principles for how FarmLead uses data:

    • A Neutral Platform. FarmLead creates a fair platform for buyers and sellers of agricultural products. FarmLead does not pick sides. FarmLead never uses information provided by buyers or sellers to further only one side’s interest. While FarmLead provides the platform, you, the user, create the contract to buy or sell agricultural products.
    • Your Right to Disclose Data on Your Terms. The key to a fair market is the timely disclosure of the right information to the other party. Through posting listings and chatting with other users, the buyers and sellers decide what, when, and how much information should be disclosed on the platform when it comes to what they want to either buy or sell and under what terms. Buyers and sellers own the right to disclose or not their intent to buy or sell an agricultural product.
    • Collect Only the Necessary Information. FarmLead collects only the information necessary from Buyers and Sellers to make the platform for the trade of agricultural products to function properly. FarmLead does not collect ag data that is not relevant to the transaction, such as georeferenced yield data or machine data. Should FarmLead expand our data collection in the future, it will be with your consent and based on its relevance for the operation of Combyne as a platform to trade agricultural products.

The Services collect only the information necessary to make the Combyne platform function properly. The Services can collect many types of agricultural information with your consent, but they focus on the agricultural products you want to buy or sell. This includes information in the broad categories of land, agronomic, and farm management data, and specifically:

    • Type of buyer or seller of agricultural products that you are (livestock producer, processor, mixed farmer, merchandiser, broker, etc.)
    • Type of agricultural product or commodity you want to buy or sell
    • Contract type
    • Year the product was produced
    • Asking Price / Bidding Price for the product
    • Location of the product
    • Delivery and logistic preferences
    • Time period for delivery
    • Quality and other information to characterize the product, including agronomic practices and methods used to produce and store the crop (e.g., organic production, use of glyphosate on cereals, fertilization rates, traceability and identity preservation, etc. as may be relevant in the marketing or buying of your crop)

Collectively, this information is considered your “Data.” The categories of Data collected and used by FarmLead may change as functionality of the Services changes, but FarmLead’s commitment to obtain your consent prior to disclosure will not change.

When you post that you are looking to buy or sell an agricultural product, it is shared, at your discretion, with either (a) all the users registered on Combyne (a “public” listing), or (b) only with the users who are part of your network on Combyne (a “private” listing). 

You decide whether to post a listing publicly or privately, as well as decide who to include or exclude in your network, and thus who has access and is able to see your “Data.”

FarmLead believes that users of the Services should be treated as owners of their Data. This means that you have the right to determine how, when, and with whom your Data is disclosed through the Services. FarmLead assumes any person accessing your account has the right to share your Data through the Services. 

You should safeguard your username and password carefully. You release FarmLead from any claims that someone else owns the Data uploaded to your account.


By using the Services, you give your consent to FarmLead to:

    • Store your Data on servers owned or rented by FarmLead;
    • Share your Data among FarmLead’s employees and agents to assist FarmLead with providing and improving the Services, for example, to provide technical support;
    • Utilize your Data to customize the listings and market information such as crop prices and market trends you see when using the Services;
    • Anonymize and combine your Data with data from other users, creating anonymized “Aggregated Data.” Anonymized means that your Data is no longer identifiable to your account. For example, Combyne may aggregate all the listings or the transactions of a specific commodity to provide market trend reports to users.  Aggregated Data is solely owned by FarmLead.

FarmLead has no intention of selling the FarmLead Services to another company, but in such event, you will be provided notice and allowed to delete or remove your Data prior to the sale. Aggregated Data may not be deleted or removed. All third-party vendors used by FarmLead that have access to your Data to provide the Services are required to abide by FarmLead’s Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Data Use Policy.

The Services provide you with the ability disclose Data with other Combyne users to negotiate and complete a transaction. You decide how, when and with whom your Data is disclosed to others. FarmLead’s Terms of Use Agreement governs how you post agricultural products for sale or purchase on the Combyne platform and engage with other users also using the Combyne platform.

You grant FarmLead a worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual license to use, publish, transmit, display and reproduce any Data you upload to Services and agree to share this Data with other users as part of the Services and in accordance with this Data Use Policy.

FarmLead is continually working to provide users with options to transfer and share data among different companies and data platforms. Accordingly, the Services may also provide you with the ability to share your Data with other technology providers through software integrations established between Combyne and the respective software platforms of such providers. These providers are known as “Technology Partners” and include providers of: 

  • Farm management software
  • Grain testing and grain monitoring hardware and software
  • Precision agriculture software
  • Commodity buying and selling software
  • Contract management and accounting software  

When your Data is transferred or shared with a Technology Partner, your use is subject to that Technology Partner’s policies and terms of use.

Likewise, the Services may allow you to upload Data directly from Technology Partners. Any uploads from Technology Partners are subject to FarmLead’s policies and terms of use. 

FarmLead will not share your Data with Technology Partners without obtaining your consent first for the Data sharing event with that Technology Partner. This consent is either provided when you initially link your Combyne account with any of your Technology Partner accounts, or when you initiate a specific Data sharing event between your Combyne account and an already-linked Technology Partner account. 

You may request FarmLead to close and delete your account and your associated Data stored on FarmLead’s servers at any time by contacting FarmLead using the contact information at the end of this document. 

Upon receiving your request to close your account, FarmLead will initially suspend your account for a period of 180 days. During these 180 days, your personal information will no longer be visible to other Combyne users but will remain stored on FarmLead’s servers. FarmLead retains your personal information for this period in order to be able to contact you should there be any potential disputes or issues arising from any existing negotiation conducted via chat or phone call, or with any completed transaction you are a party to.  

During this 180-day period, any listing owned by you or your personal profile will no longer be visible to other users. Any negotiation via chat or phone call you have been involved with will remain visible to the counterparty users who negotiated with you, but they will no longer be able to access to your personal profile and contact details, and your name will be replaced with the indication “Deleted User”. 

During this 180-day period, FarmLead shall retain a copy of your non-anonymized Data and you will be able to download it upon request.

After 180 days have passed, FarmLead will delete all your personal information from its servers. To fully anonymize your historical listing or chat and phone call negotiation Data, any such Data will be permanently marked as belonging to a “Deleted User” on FarmLead’s servers. Accordingly, you will no longer be able to download this data as it will remain permanently non-attributable to you.

FarmLead will not delete Data related to a completed transaction or that has been anonymized and aggregated. Accordingly, any completed transaction will retain your name and contact information so that the counterparty to that transaction can still contact you. Any of your permanently anonymized listing Data may still be aggregated into commodity market data and reports. 

Data is stored on servers that are owned or rented by FarmLead from reliable services. FarmLead takes reasonable and customary security measures to protect the privacy and security of your Data. In the event of a data breach, natural disaster, or other unforeseen event that causes your Data to be deleted or compromised, FarmLead will notify you when you log in, by email, or other method required by law.

You are responsible for submitting accurate Data to FarmLead. If you discover that Data previously provided or uploaded to Services is inaccurate, false, or misleading, you agree to delete or correct such information immediately or as soon as possible. You agree to defend and indemnify FarmLead against all claims, losses, damages, and injuries arising from an intentional or negligent breach of your obligations in this Data Policy. If you allow third parties or other persons within your organization to upload Data into your account, you are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of such Data.

FarmLead is not liable for any damages that result from the disclosure of your Data to any person or company provided such disclosures are made according to this Data Policy. Further, FarmLead is not responsible for a loss or unauthorized disclosure of your Data due to (i) an Act of God, (ii) other catastrophic event, or (iii) a data breach to the extent not caused by FarmLead’s breach of this Data Policy. FarmLead’s liability is further limited according to the Terms of Use. 


This Data Use Policy may be updated from time to time. In that event, FarmLead will provide you with notice at the time you log into the Websites or Apps, or by email.


If you should have any questions about this Data Use Policy, the practices, products, or services of the Websites or Apps, or your dealings with the Websites or Apps, please contact the Company via the “Contact Us” form on the Websites, or by writing to:

FarmLead Resources Ltd.
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Ottawa, ON
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Phone: 1-855-332-7653
Email: or 

These terms were last updated on June 08, 2020.

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