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View a customized Marketplace

View listings available in your area and use our advanced filtering options to find exactly what you’re looking for. Change your location, find specific commodities, or filter by specs or end market.

Post detailed listings

Combyne allows you to post listings to buy or sell a wide variety of ag commodities, including Grain and Oilseeds, as well as Forage, Hay, and Straw. Indicate a price, quantity, & movement period, and add custom details, like quality characteristics and lab test results.

Choose who sees your listings

Build your network through Combyne, or create your own network of trading partners by adding or inviting your contacts. Your connections will always see your listings and you’ll be notified when they post.

Chat in-app with Messages

You can start a conversation about a listing directly on Combyne without having to make any calls. Just message directly from a listing, and use Messages to view all of your chat history, or call your connections directly.

How it works

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Download the Combyne app directly to your mobile or tablet device or use the website on your desktop.

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Creating an account is quick, easy, and free, plus you can do it on any platform.

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Once you create an account you can access the entire Combyne Marketplace. There are no fees.

Want to know more about Combyne?

Combyne can help you find new trading partners, source better prices on grain, and get you making deals more quickly.